Noise after computer is shut off

I just swapped a case and a psu for my son. Last night when I checked on him I could here his case making a low whine. I unplugged the power cord and it ceased. Any ideas? Tia Steve

It's a powmax cheapo case w/ 450 psu ,athlon 1.33, 8500le Herc, 700+ 333ram, Also have a usb 2.0 port with a wireless lan stick.
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  1. From my experience that is probably a bad inductor. I would probably replace that psu.
  2. Definitely a ghost. Definitely.
  3. low whine? Sound like a fan? remove cover from case and find for sure, where the sound is coming from. PCs are not meant to make a sound in power-down mode.
  4. There is a little juice that continues to run to the mouse, a red light, don't know why, so I called ghost busters and they said that 's a real cheap PSU. Got the case and 450 psu deliver from verygoodeals for 34 that includes shipping. When I turn it on windows logo pops up quick and does 3or4 back inforths with the dashes then goes black for 25 seconds then a pointer comes on when I'm about to cot alt del then bang everything is fine. That seems odd too. I'll swap the psu with the old but that delay does that sound like power too or did hook sumtin up wrong. Lots of things in there. Any thoughts. Tia Steve
  5. i had a simmilar problem where even when my compter was shut down i kept hearing a high pitch wining noise
    i found out it would happen when connecting the psu to the mother board.
    i got a different brand psu and the problem went
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