6-pin connector on power supply?

I'm going to upgrade to a PCI-E motherboard, so I need a 24 pin power supply. But do all the PCI-E cards use the 6pin power connectors and not the 4pin? Because I don't have any 6pin connectors with my current power supply. I have a ChiefMax 650W.
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  1. I dont think that i would worry too much about it. Since the 6 pin connector is required for PCI-E im sure that there is a connector included with the video card that would plug into a regular 4 pin molex connector. I could be wrong though, i havent ever bought a PCI-E card.
  2. Yes, Im almost positive that all pci-e card has molex to 6-pin connector cabel but double check. It depends on the brand or model. I know for the fact the BFG 7800 GT and GTX has them.
  3. With my xfx 7800GTX came a pci-e connector that has two molex connectors on the other end...
  4. Do the X1900XT from MSI have those convertors or can you buy them somewhere?
  5. my 7800gt has a 4 pin connector thats weird
  6. I dont know if the MSI one comes with the splitter, i will check my box when i get home. although i have the ATi one im sure that the cables supplied are pretty much the same. If it dosnt come with one im sure you can buy one for a small price.
  7. My x1900XT from Ati didnt come with a 6pin adapter but you can get one here:


    Kinda crappy that it dosnt come with one, but thats what you get for only spending $700CAD for a video card, lol
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