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Currently I have been running a computer with a primary hard drive that was 30 GB IDE and a secondary IDE storage drive that was 320 GB. I decided that it was time to update the primary hard drive due to the memory necessary for software these days and bought a 100 GB SATA drive. I pulled out all the old drives and formatted the new 100 GB with Windows XP Professional. After running all of the updates to Windows and installing virus protection, I shut down and installed the 320 GB drive. After doing so I ran the Data Lifeguard software that came with the drive and enabled the over 137 GB drive support. After system restart, I clicked on My Computer, saw the hard drive, but once clicked upon Windows says that drive E: is not accessable and could be corrupt. So to make sure I took out the 100 GB drive and put the 30 GB drive of old back in. The system boots up fine and the 320 GB drive is working like normal. After getting off the phone with Western Digital, which was a hassle because they only have 30 day support so I had to rattle off numerous serial numbers from the four WD hard drives that I have to get them to give me some help, and all that he could say is that I should attempt to change the drive letter of my 320 GB when it is in the newly installed system. I don't know if this shall work but in my current system the 320 GB drive is the D: and not the E:. Also because this drive is so large I really don't know if I can back up all of the information so I am looking for a solution that does not involve reformatting the drive. If that wasn't the case then I wouldn't be in this prediciment right now. Thank you in advance for any help that you may have for me.
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  1. I am not sure if you need this information but here are my past specifications:

    Motherboard: Asus A8V Deluxe
    Processor: AMD Athlon X2 3800+
    Memory: Kingston 1024 MB PC3200 2 Pcs
    Graphics Card:ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder 9600 XT
    Primary Hard Drive: 30 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA III ST330620A
    Media Hard Drive: 320 GB Western Digital Caviar WD3200JB
    Optical Drive: Sony DVD-RW DRU-700A
    Power Supply: Antec 350 Watt
    System Casing: Antec SLK2650-BQE
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Primary Monitor: Dell 2005FPW
  2. Hello,

    I just thought that I would update everyone. I managed to get the 320 GB hard drive to work but without really knowing how. It seems that after I backed up information that I had on my 320 GB hard drive, I hooked up the new 100 GB boot drive and by some crazy source of magic it just worked. Everything is fine now. The files all work and the full 320 GB size is shown and usable. Thanks for eveyone who did check out this post and try to help. I greatly appriciate it.
  3. Magic is good :D
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