Dell D400 integrated graphics card and game req's?

I have a Dell Latitude D400 laptop, and it's graphic card is as follows:
Intel® 855GM integrated UMA graphics chipset featuring Intel's Dynamic Video shared2 Memory (DVM) technology
I looked at the "System" stuff and saw that it's a 64BM card, but then used a prog. called InSpecs which tests your hardware and it stated that it was 56MB or 58MB... where would this discrepency come from and can I change it? Also, if a game (like Fable) req's a 64MB card is it going to run with lower quality graphics since I'm just at the minimum? Thanks in advance for any help
other system specs that may be important:
Running - Genuine Windows® XP Professional sys pack 2
Processor - Intel Pentium M Processor 745 (1.80GHz, 2MB L2)
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  1. Other than the highend laptops like alienware and such, you onboard graphics is going to be pretty weak when comes to games.
    The only way to tell for sure is to try it.
    The 64 MB of memory is probably the maximum it will use. Since its sharing with the system memory it would only use what it needs at that time.
    Intel onboard video is fine for 2d stuff but pretty much suck for 3d graphic games.
    Give it a shot is all I can say.
  2. Well, I'm trying to decide whether to buy Fable or not... and/or other games w/64MB requirements... I found a board elsewhere that said something about getting into the BIOS and changing the shared settings and it sounded like you could allocate some of your RAM to be utilized w/the videocard... (like take the 58MB of the video card and add 64 MB RAM to it - is that possible, or carazy?) at least that's how I interpreted it... But in my BIOS I couldn't find anything about my video card other than a choice of using it or using my default system resources which when I changed made my resolution around 600 instead of 1024. . . I have been playing Morrowind & Battle for Middle Earth no problem but I checked them the other day and they are both 32MB games so... )shrug( i dunno
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