Using SATA 150 drives on an A8N SLI

I am getting ready to build a new system and wanted to try to confirm if you can definitely run SATA 150 drives in a RAID 1 configuration on an A8N SLI board. (I already have a pair of SATA 150 drives sitting unused in a box) In looking at the spec's for the A8N boards, it seems to imply that you can run SATA 150 drives, but all it really says definitely is SATAII / 3.0. Also, a second question assuming you can run SATA 150, which of the 3 boards would be best for me. regular, Deluxe or Premium. I do not plan to use the SLi configuration, and will run a single graphics card. Any help would be appreciated as I am new to both SATA and RAID.
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  1. SATA II (SATA Rev 2.5) is backwards compatible, so your drives will work fine. If you are new to RAID configurations, there is an excellent reply to a posted message titled "I want to run RAID 01" on what is page three of this forum (as I type this). He covers in detail what you need to know to establish a RAID config.

    Look at the features offered by the three boards and choose the one that will suit your needs. Although there is no point in paying for something you don't need, needs have a habit of changing over time. So if the dollar difference isn't a showstopper go for the top of the line. You may appreciate the added features at a later date.
  2. i have the premium board, and it is excellent. It would be nice if it came with a floppy boot disk for raid, but no real trouble creating one from the cd.

    are you looking to upgrade to sli in the future and that's why you're getting the board? if so i'd say get a cheaper board with single pcie and wait til am2 comes out...
  3. Actually I don't really plan on upgrading to SLI in the future. It's just that when I started doing research on motherboards, the A8N seemed to be very highly rated in reviews. The main reasons I was looking at this board was the chipset, Gigabit ethernet and the RAID support for SATA 150 now with the ability to upgrade to SATA II in the future. If there is a better choice board that's cheaper and the only difference is no SLI, I am open to that, I am just not aware of what that choice would be.
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