To acquire or not to acquire a new PSU...That is the?-mark!


I have a Antec truePower 550 -

Here are systme specs:
Athlon 64 3500+ S939 (Hungry N'castle Core)
Asus A8V Deluxe Mobo
4x512mb Corsair 3200 C2 Ram (Yes, i know 2x1gb is better,i got sweet deal :D )
Msi Gefore 6800GT
2 x LG 4163B DVD ReWriter
Audigy 2 ZS platinum (W' front bay)
2 x Hitachi Deskstar Raid0
1 x Maxtor 120gb 7200rpm
1 x Seagate barra 200gb 7200rpm
1 x Floppy
3 x 90mm fan
2 x 90mm fan (LED)
2 x Cathode Ray tube

According to some wattage calculators I need at least a 430watt PSU....I have 550watt, but according to Antec's website this PSU is only 69% efficient!

Do i need to upgrade my PSU or should this be fine?

It has 30amps on 12v rail, but I suspect I may be pushing it a bit, albeit a branded PSU.

I dont suppose I could get away with using this PSU on a CrossFire system....could I? :D
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  1. I say that right now you are fine with the power supply you have. Actually I have a very similar power supply (Same brand, but more power and different model). But if you are going to upgrade to dual video cards you definately need at least 600 or above and it should be certified for the power ratings. Many power supplies do have an efficiency problem and that is worsened with more hardware and with new video cards being extremely power hungry it is particularily bad. I would also say go with SLI if you want some dual cards because nvidia has way better support for games.
  2. Hi fellow THG noob :D

    8O 600watt PS for dual video cards 8O WTF!!?? I know how much this baby I have at the moment is drawing out of the sockets..and I think this is crazy enough, but imagine my electric bill using dual video cards and having the system on for at least 50% of the day, with the currect components!!! Oh shiznit :roll:

    So far as whether my dual video card system (not sure whether I will be upgrading in a hurry considering the abovementioned fact!) is made up of Nvidia or ATi components, it is just a matter of preference.

    Now, I dont want a badge or anything (I do really) but i am a self-taught system builder. Having only ever owned 3 video cards in my life I cannot draw on a vast knowledge and experience if video cards,but for admittedly limited 'experience' I have had...I prefer ATi.

    My first graphics card was a geforce 5200! I then jumped to ATI with the 9800XT which I was extremely impressed with and then to 6800GT. I was far more impressed with the jump from my 1st card to the 2nd, as oppossed to my 2nd to my 3rd. And with the stuttering problems I have with my 6800GT common sense tells me to revert to ATi. To be honest, I have never been able to find a solution to the stuttering problem but the video card is apportioned the blame :D
  3. AMD recommends a minimum of 500W psu for SLI.
    And that is without the cpu, harddisks and so on. :)
  4. That's plenty enough for your pc. It can run a SLI rig with that power.
  5. Hey...

    You have mis-interpreted the meaning of PSU efficiency.

    By saying it is 69% effcient means, that to deliver 550 watts of power (which your PSU can do) it needs to draw X ammount of watts from the wall.

    550/69 = X/100

    55000/69 = X

    X = 797.1 W

    What that means, is that at full tilt pumping out it's max rated 550 Watts to your system, it is drawing almost 800 Watts from you wall, and loosing 250 Watts to resistive heat loss, etc...

    PSU's are rated to the maximum wattage they can put out to the system, the effciency is how much of the power drawn from the wall actually makes it to your system.

    I hope that helps.

    B.Eng Electrical, M.Sc Computer Science
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