PC power and temp monitors!

Hey guys do you know any good free programs that can do performance tests and monitor my temps on my pc? I hear PC wizard is a good one and simple to use. You guys got an other good or better programs? :twisted:
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  1. LOL i have posted a thread with the exact same question...i switched from probe to SPEED FAN cuz it shows the temperatire in the taskbar :p

    they are all accurate imo.
  2. The first thing you want to do is check with your motherboard manufacturer or the CD that came with your motherboard.
  3. For that mobo, MBM5 should be fine. For benchmarking, try Sysoft sandra, aquamark, and check out futuremark's various progs.
  4. check out www.majorgeeks.com, there are plenty of freeware benchmarking and monitoring software.
  5. And why do they have so much cool stuff? Because they're major geeks. :D
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