question on what the socket of a 180nm Willamette is

I'm thinking about getting a socket 478 90nm Celeron D 2.93Ghz from a friend of mine, and I want to know if it would fit in my current Dell computer, to replace the old 180nm 1.7Ghz in it. Dell motherboard, with Intel i845GE chipset.
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  1. thanks a lot for the info :) I guess that old dinosaur is kind of extinct now :lol:
  2. As wusy said, not much you can do since it's 423 :-(

    Maybe you could upgrade to an AMD64 939

    for about $330 or so delivered

    or an AMD64 754 for about $220 delivered:

    Good Luck! :D

    PS Might need a new PSU too
  3. there's also a socket 478 1.7GHZ willy, to make sure what socket you got run CPU-Z.
  4. where would I find the socket pin number in CPU-Z? it shows it's 180nm Willamette....

    oh wait a sec... here it says that it is Package mPGA478. Click the thumbnail below. (hosted @ imageshack)
  5. Well CPU-Z seems to think it is a Socket 478, so there may be a glimmer of hope.

    What kind of motherboard and chipset do you have?

    The chipset will determine how high you can go.

    Your FSB may be crippled @ 400 or 533 :-( that's why it's important to know what kind of board you have and what chipset it uses.

    BTW you would be MUCH better off with an AMD64 939 / AMD64 754 or even AMD32 Athlon XP Socket A (462) vs. your Celeron 1.7 or anything you could hope to upgrade it to.
  6. Ok if you don't know what your chipset supports and stuff like that just go to and type your chipset stuff in the search box and one of the results will tell you most of everything you want to know. But that only works if you have an intel chipset which yours is.
  7. Also please let us know what kind of RAM you have!

    What about your PSU?

    Your mobo, RAM, PSU and case are the most important factors.

    Thanks! :D
  8. Mobo, RAM, PSU, and Case will all be DELL judging by his original post. He just wants to upgrade the CPU and everything else is stock, right? I would guess with that old board you are going to need a BIOS update at the very least. There is no guarantee that the mobo will support the new Celeron D anyway because those weren't around when your system was built. Has to support the proper bus speed, multiplier, and voltage settings for the Celeron D chip, and that is unlikely.

    Check the latest bios updates from Dell for your system. They are downloadable from Read the release notes to see if it mentions anything about supporting new processors or multiplier settings, etc.
  9. well, hopes of getting a super cheap Celeron faded anyways. I wasn't looking for something fancy, just something dirt cheap, but had some decent speed to it. I already have a P4 3.0Ghz... lightning fast.

    The memory in that system is Nanya 133Mhz DDR. That's what it says in CPU-Z. I could post more screenshots, but I don't need to go to the effort because I don't think there is much use. And yes, I just wanted a CPU upgrade... but I think the other hardware is way too outdated as well, so I'll just leave it that way.
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