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I have a logitech value optical mouse PS/2 that jumps around all the time. It started jumping more and more and I'm very annoyed cuz i keep getting killed in CSS because of this. Is this a problem with the mouse itself? My dad have the same one and it works fine on his computer.

my specs

AMD 3200+
MSI k8N neo4-f
patriot signature 2x512mb
WIn XP (no SP, is this the problem?)

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  1. does it do it all the time, sounds like adware or spyware running in the background that is using all of your resources
  2. it is doing it all the time starting today....weird

    no spyware or adware what so ever, i just put together my system and i've made sure all processes are clean.

    could it be the mouse pad??? I have a crap one that's plastic and i read somewhere you need ones with texture.
  3. I was just gonna say, is your mouse pad have an optical friendly pattern on it? Try running the mouse on ur jeans. Also, make shure the eye doesnt have any dust on or infront of it.

    Otherwise, buy a logitech mx510, i love mine
  4. i have a G7 Wireless mouse and can't beleive how good it is...its the best mouse I ever had, and I can change its speed on the fly and the batteries don't die too quick...though I wear them out of power faster than they should for "normal" gaming. I think Logitech thinks that 2 hours a day is "normal"...I do about 6...>.<
  5. mx510 is very good, i have one too. i've seen them for pretty cheap too.
  6. I've seen this with a lot of Dell mice recently, which I think might be Logitech in disguise. They just randomly jump around and it really pisses you off. Yea, that is deadly in FPS games. If a different mouse surface doesn't fix it, buy a good mouse like an MS Intellimouse optical or a high-end Logitech optical/laser mouse. Never had a MS mouse jump on me. Life is too short to deal with a POS mouse.
  7. I just got rid of my mouse pad. It certainly matters when you're using an optical mouse. Some surfaces won't work, some will, sometimes it depends on the color, how glossy it is, etc.

    You can buy an 'optical friendly' pad, or just try your dad's pad. See how that goes.

    I have a 510 too... its nice, altho I don't play FPS's that much anymore.
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