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May_pep's "Old Computer Working" thread has just about lost its steam. It's devolved into a contest about "who has the crappiest working computer."
In the interest of allowing that other thread to die the death it deserves, I propose a challenge:
I've only been seriously building computers for about 10 years. I've got some old computer crap, but I'm sure some others here can beat this:
1) Compaq 486 33mhz, 40 mb hard drive, 4 mb ram;
2) Intergraph TD-425 dual 233mhz Pentium II graphics workstation, 16 mb ram with two 500 mb SATA drives and proprietary 8mb videocard;
3) IBM Intellistation, single 400mhz Pentium II on a dual Pentium II motherboard, 32 mb ram, two 1gb SATA drives, stock video upgraded to a Voodoo 2;
4) Home built system, based on a PC Chips motherboard, Athlon XP-M (mobile chip, imbedded in motherboard) at 1.4 ghz, 512 mb PC133 Ram, Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128mb video, 40 gb hard drive, now running a Fedora Core 3 Linux distro;
5) Home built AMD 64, 3000+ Winchester, MSI K8T Neo 2 Nforce3 motherboard, ATI 8600 Pro 128 mb video -- ram and hard drive reused in current system, so currently not running;
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  1. Cool 8) have you tried benchmarking those systems?
  2. I highly doubt it
  3. Well, sure. They've all been tested with the popular Piss Me Off benchmark.
    When a computer gets so slow at the applications I use that I get pissed off, I junk it and build a new one. :D
  4. The oldest working crap in my basement (at least I think they're both still working) are a C=64 and a Mac II. After that it's all 486s and up.
  5. I have an Atari 2100 (I think that's the model name) It came out a year before the C64 (heh sadly, I was about 7 or 8 when that happened) I still use it to practice assembler and test micro controller code for errors cause if I break it I really don't care.

    I also have an old 286 8 Mhz, with 12Mhz turbo! (Still to this day I think all that button did was change the LED display.) It's got a whoping 1Mb of ram, and a 512K ISA video card!!! It also has the original 8bit SB...

    But I'm a youngin' when it comes to the old gear.
  6. I have an Atari 800 with the external 5.25" floppy AND an external cassette drive lol. All of my other machines are fairly new. I tend to get rid of anything I can't really use, but my Atari is the exception.
  7. An IBM 286 with 640k RAM, 20MB HDD, with a 5 1/4" floppy drive.

    Loaded with Commander Keen, and Hugo's Adventures 1,2, &3!

    Oh the days when MS-DOS was so popular.

    oh yah also with a one button joystick and a roland raven dot matrix printer
  8. I’m too new to this whole PC thing to have a very old system; but my parents have in storage somewhere a Tandy computer system? All it would do was play some lame baseball game that looked worse then the Nintendo baseball. And every time you tried to save a document in the word processing program the system would crash. It hooked up to the TV.
  9. hey guys...lets have a noob lan party with all our junky computers. It be so fun, we could have crash after crash, and then we could see whose crashed the most. Oh boy, I just can't wait, it sounds like so much fun! Remember no one with a computer that was made after 95 is allowed. So bring your worst systems, and get ready to whose sucks the most.
    DON'T MISS IT!!!!!
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. heheh, but my atari doesn't have a network card... hell it doesn't even have a fixed disk!
  11. Quote:
    heheh, but my atari doesn't have a network card... hell it doesn't even have a fixed disk!
    My goodness!
    It is called sarcasm!!!!!!!!!
  12. Panosonic Toughbook. About 5 or 6 years old.

    Penitum II, ~400mhz
    128MB RAM
    No support for 3D
    All panel covering slots gone
    PC card slot pins busted
    Windows 2000 pro
    Viruses: ∞
  13. With all these wonderful systems, can I interest anyone in a brand new still in the wrapper IBM dos 3 set?
  14. So if you lose, you pound the winners into chip dust with your toughbook? :P
  15. I know.. the only problem about forums it's hard to convey feeling.. it was meant as an aside/joke.
  16. Quote:
    The oldest working crap in my basement (at least I think they're both still working) are a C=64 and a Mac II. After that it's all 486s and up.
    What you did not upgrade to a C128?????
  17. Quote:
    I know.. the only problem about forums it's hard to convey feeling.. it was meant as an aside/joke.
    Whew, I was concerned for a moment!
  18. Quote:
    What you did not upgrade to a C128?????
    Nope. That would have been cool. Instead I 'upgraded' (if you can even call it that) to a Tandy ... with no hard drive (DOS was onboard) and no format command for the floppy. Had to buy pre-formatted disks. I was so happy when I finally ugpraded that Tandy to a whole 640KB of RAM so that I could finally play MegaMan ... in slow motion. (Which actually made the game pretty easy. It was a nice 'feature'.)
  19. Old Girlfriend had the C64. I got it upgraded to C128. Plus no Floopy. Cassette.
  20. Don't know if this would win or not but my Dad still has the first computer we ever got in his basement. (Don't know if it works though) TRS80 Color Computer from Tandy. We upgraded it to a whopping 64k of RAM not long after we got it. Still remember playing Zaxxon on that thing. Had to load it from cassette tape. Ah, those were the days.
  21. I've got a calculator that doesn't turn on..... :P

    Under my bed lays an old beast:

    Pentium 75mhz (I should fire it up and run CPU-Z on it :P )
    Unnamed Motherboard
    32mb EDO RAM (Oh yeah, this stuff is tough)
    540mb Fujitsu HDD
    3.2Gb Samsung HDD
    1MB ISA Vid card
    ISA Sound card
    48x CD ROM

    and about 1-2kg of dust, cobbwebbs and unidified objects from foreign universes 8O
  22. oops, I forgot I even started this thread.
    I did call it a "challenge" so the entries should probably be judged *, right?

    First place: poster ParkerKane, for his parents' TRS-80 Color Computer (Tandy Radio Shack).

    Second place: PartyChief, for his parents' Tandy (may also be a TRS-80, but he didn't specify, so he gets knocked down to second place);

    Third: Slvr Phoenix, who once had a Tandy but apparently had the good sense to get rid of it.

    * It should be noted in the interest of fairness that the judge once worked at a Radio Shack dealership, had to repair Tandy's or ship them off for repair, and continues to hold a grudge against the make 20 years later. Also, the judge is a cheap bastard, so no prizes. Sorry.
  23. I won! I won! I'd like to thank the academy. . . Sorry. I really thought someone was going to be able to come up with something better than that.

    I understand what you mean about Radio Shack though. When I worked there I saw the scariest computer ever. Lady who was an incredibly heavy smoker came and and wanted to know why her computer wouldn't work anymore. I opened it up and I have never seen anything like it. It was so coated with tar from all the smoke that the computer just died. Bad memories.
  24. I still have my dad's ALTAIR, does that win anyhting
  25. The first computer I used was kind of neat. It had all the fancy lights, but it was a bit noisey. I couldn't aford to buy one, though so I dont have one in my basement.
    To be honest, I couldn't afford the punchcards that it ate, and my basement isn't 1/2 big enough.
  26. This thread seems to made for me, my whole house is my Junk Room (at least by your standards, i reckon it's perfectly fine stuff).

    Who needs to buy new equipment all the time? gimme $20 on ebay every few months, extends the life of my system...

    Current System (ie, using now):
    Aopen AX6B+ (440BX, with onboard scsi), P3-600 [started with P2-350[, 384MB PC133 SDRAM [started with 64/PC100], 2x4GB WideSCSI 10kRPM (/ and /home) and 30GB IDE 7200RPM (/data, the last thing i bought new, actually, circa 2000) [started with 6GB IDE], Diamond Viper550 (TNT, 16MB, AGP), SBLive! [started with SB PCI64], Suse 9.1 [started with Win98]. No case [ATX FullTower (cbf putting it back in)]. Same 17" CRT i bought new with it in Jan1999.

    Web/Email Server:
    P2-350 (440LX), 128MB SD, 8GB, no video/sound, Mandrake 9.0.

    Compaq Proliant 1500, P-120, 128MB FastPage, 5*4GB WideSCSI Hotplug (=17GB RAID5), onboard video, NT4 server [soon to be Linux].

    P-200, 32MB EDO, 420MB, IPCop.org.

    DOS Games Box:
    AMD K6-2-300 (@360), 128MB EDO, 2*500MB [soon to be +8GB] IDE, S3 Trio Verge, AWE64, 3.5" + 5.25" drives, DOS6.22.

    The Dos Games Box was actually only upgraded 6 months ago from an AM386-25dx, 80+420MB IDE, OAK 256k vid, SB16, MSDOS 5.0, Win3.1.
    Used to run one of the first copies of Warcraft 2 in australia on it (picked it up in singapore), very very slowly... ditto SimCity2000.
    Only upgraded because i couldn't boot it, because the (soldered on) backup battery died, and i couldn't be bothered paying $10 for a new one.

    Then there's my Atari 520STfm (with RF-modulated TV tuner), with my favourite, Leisure Suit Larry - Passionate Patty in Pursuit of th Pulsating Pectorals, plus Super Offroad, and about 20 others.

    And then there's the pile of CD and Floppy drives, 1*386, 2*486, 2*slot1, 2*s370, IO cards, NICs, video cards, Pentium CPUs, about 30*36pin RAMs, and whatever else that would be 5-6 foot tall if it was stable standing in one pile...

    Socket M2 is gonna be the first thing i've bought new in a very long time. Hopefully that'll last me until 2012.
  27. 1) 286 12mhz - 1mb RAM - 2 5" floppy drives, no HDD
    2) 384sx 16mhz - 2mb RAM - 47mb HDD (fujitsu, of course)
    3) 486dx 33mhz - 8mb RAM - 2x730mb HDD (quantum fireball), 2mb VESA ATI video
    4) pentium 166mmx - 16mb RAM - 2.1gb Fujitsu HDD, 4mb PCI video (S3)
    5) pentium II 300mhz - 256mb RAM - 4x2.1gb Fujitsu HDDs, 2mb On-Board video
    6) AMD K6-2 450mhz - 256mb RAM - 8.4gb Caviar HDD, 8mb AGP S3/3D2x video
    7) pentium 3 1133mhz - 1024mb RAM - 27gb WD + 17gb WD HDDs, 3Dfx Voodoo3 PCI 16mb video
    8) pentium 4 2400mhz - 4x512mb DDR800 RAM - 2x200gb + 1x160gb WD HDDs, AGP ATI Radeon 9250 video
    9) Intel e2180 (dual-core) - 2x1gb DDR2-533 RAM - 1x1TB WD(green) - On-Board video
    10) Intel i5-3500K - 8gb DDR3-1333 RAM - 2x2TB Seagate HDDs - PCIe ATI Radeon 6870 1GB Video (with everyone of the first 9 computers transfered to Virtual Machine under Oracle's Virtualbox, still running perfectly, this was no small undertaking, but the wife is glad the old computers are no longer in the basement, not like they took up much space, that space now filled with empty boxes, and 2 sleeping bags used for camping) :)
  28. Old servers!

    pentium 60 - 64mb ECC/EDO - 2x2.1gb Fujitsu SCSI RAID1

    dual pentium III 700mhz - 16x128mb ECC SDRAM PC133 - 7x4.3gb Fujitsu SCSI RAID5+parity

    xeon e3110 - 4x2gb DDR2 800mhz - 2x1.5TB WD green drives
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