Case Or water systems just add PC ?

Hello everyone, well let Me start out by telling You all that I got into PC gaming a little late in life and have found I love online play. I host lan partys well pay for it, for the great people that work for My small little company. I am 43 and just built My first PC for gaming. and I need it to run cooler what I wanted to know is there any cases that are per set up for water and all I have to do is move all My PC parts from My case to it. or is there any other ideas any of You guys have. Now let Me tell You all what I have going rigtht now, I used My old case from My last PC that was done about two years ago it is a Thermaltake 7000 if I remember right has the two knobs on the front for fan speed. Inside,
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Mainboard
AMD 64bit X2 4800+ CPU
Corsair XMS-3500LL PRO Matched Pair of 1gb Modules SPD Programmed at 2-3-2-6-1t for the AMD Platform if all that matters.
BFG Geforce 7800 GTX OC 512 580/1750MHz going to leave stock no overclocking of anything MYself.
2 WD 150GiG 10,000 HDs
Well that is it, like I said any cooling ideas will be full of thanks or if there is any good reading on cooling would be great so i do not have to read a bunch of bull or wrong info, I would like the PC to last at lest untill the games pass it up and it can not keep up.
Thank You All.
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  1. Oh there are two of the BFG cards running SLI, that just mite be usefull for cooling help.
    Thank You Again,
  2. Cost is not a factor

    All set up to take a Water system and you can buy the case with the water cooling system in it. I have heard good things about this case.
  4. Thank You very Much, they look like just what the Doctor order.
  5. oh my god, for god sakes, if you are gonna dump your money on that kind of trash... go ahead.

    money is not a factor as you said, but those things just don't perform and they costs waaaaaaay more than they should -_-

    you want high end cooling? build it yourself

    cpu block: swiftech storm (best retail block)
    gpu block: swiftech mp-1 (best gpu block to my knowledge)
    pump: iwaki md20rz (best)
    radiator: PA120.3 (best)

    the above setup will cost way less than those setups and totally demolish them performance wise. its really up to you. spend money on junk or build yourself a kick ass cooling system
  6. I think the Tai Chi is better than the Koolance... if you go that route.

    Here is a review of the Tai Chi. It actually performed better than I expected. For someone who doesn't have a whole lot of experience building systems, much less water cooling, this seems like a a good deal for the performance you get from it. I'd buy it if money was not a concern. Yeah, you could probably do a little better if you built your own water cooling system but why if you are satisfied with the results?
  8. Well as You know I have No Experience with water systems, and when I bulit this PC I had a good friend of Mine that dose it for a living close by to make sure I did this one right. Also I could buy the best parts in the world and if I do one thing wrong it is possible that it would not work well if at all. but that is why I posted to get all the info I can, and so far I know alot more now. Thanks to You all. well I am going to get back to reading, this PC is going to come out looking like a Borg Drone. LOL
    Well Thank You Very Much,
  9. Take a picture and post it when you are finished building it. I'd be interested in seeing it and hearing your impression of the case (if you use it).
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