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i just upgraded to a p4 3.0 cpu and when i use the windows shut down my computer powers down, and after 3 sec. it turns back on and rebbot is this a power supply problem. i have a 20 pins con on my m/b
and i can upgrade to a 24 is that it
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  1. hhmmm...that's weird, turning off would only restarts it. Well, double check all connection like the switch and power.
  2. What MB are you using? Provide us some more specs on the PSU as well. You should have two power connections on the board for that processor. One 20 pin and one 4 pin. Is that the case or not?
  3. Did you change your MB as well, or just the CPU? If you put in a new board, it could be a BIOS setting. Happened to me with a customer computer a few days ago.
  4. yes i have a new MB and i just reinstalled windows. my MB uses a 24 pin power supply + 4 pins for the CPU. the power supply i am using is a 400w 20 pin + 4 for the CPU. i have called the manufacture of the board and they said it should work fine. i have gone into the BIOS and have all the wake setting to disable. is the MB is a foxconn 915pl7ae-8s I have the latest BIOS install to. my CPU is a p4 with h/t 3.0 GHz 800 MHz fsb and 2mb l2 cache.
  5. yeah this is weird?

    I would also check the power and reset buttons on the front of the case make sure you have the wires that go to these buttons hooked up correctly to the Mobo and that they aren't sticking or anything like that.

    I had a weird problem like this some 10yrs ago in which the front of the case was pressing the reset button and causing all kinds of weird behaviour.
  6. What processor were you using before you made the switch?
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