leadtek 6800 gt (agp) high temp

worried about my leadtek 6800 gt (agp) having 61-65 deg. celcius with outside temp (room temp) 30 deg. celcius. is this normal. anything i could do to drop its temp.

cooling system: 2 x 120 intake fan (front & side)
1 X 120 outake fan (rear)

and leadtek gpu cooling system (stock)

thanx heaps...
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  1. sounds bout normal for geforce card - they read temps higher then what they are - my 6600GT with a huge zalman cooler sat at ~50+ and its half the card your 6800 is.
  2. Dude I can help take the heatsink and take of the shit paste or should I say cement they use you will be shocked at what you see dude trust me buddy. Put some good heat sink paste on.
  3. I have the same card, but I got me a better cooler (Arctic 5) and my temps are 55 C idle and 65 C load. so you're just fine with your temps. No worries.

    But if you still want to get those temps down (for OC purpose?) I'd advise a new cooler and some quiet case fan's.

    I'd not buy the arctic I have, since it was HELL to install. The GPU-contact-surface didn't make good contact, so I had to grind the memory contacts down.
    Now I'd buy the Zalman vf 700 series.

    But don't expect too much from that!
    My geberal advise:
    If all is working fine: don't change it!
  4. I got a gt 6800 gt oced running at 38 c with bf and windows player I say that is high temps but the good thing is the card will reduce the power if it reaches the limit.
  5. My 6800GT card reached nearly 100C when the fan got blocked by a huge piece of fluff. Removed the fluff and still working ok.

  6. yeah i have a pci-e version of the leadtek and i have to say, get a better cooler. i couldn't overclock at all with stock on there..
  7. did you know that 120c is the max temp that a nv core can take before it throttles down to prevent damage to the core.

    so don't worry about 50-60 or even 70c temps.
  8. Be worried at 60 to 70 they don't run good when hot the cooler the better
  9. dude my temps are 46 idle ill show you the pics when i get them.
  10. mine are like 48-50 idle with a 35 ambient... and i have an aftermarket cooler =(
  11. Hi,

    I have an EVGA AGP 6800 GT, with a Zalman VF-700 Cu cooler on it. It runs at 49C idle and 55C under load. The fan is set at slow speed for silence. When it had the stock cooler, it ran at about the same, 50/55. I noticed it always runs about 15C higher than case ambient temp, for what it's worth. I would not worry about temps up to about 70C. If you really want to decrease the temps, the best way to do it in my opinion is to increase the airflow through your case by replacing your case fans. Take care, A
  12. its the ambient temps that count the lower the better job at cooling
  13. when i hit 70C. I'm done...i lag. i try to change the side fan to do out take... hoping for best
  14. when did you get yours? the new leadtek 6800 fans are SHIT. i had one...
  15. high temp FIXED. installed thermaltake Tide Water all in one vga liquid cooling module. it actually work good. 46 C on idle and 52 C highest temp with 30C ambient. Played for 3 hours straight. thanks heaps
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