Hyundai Q90U

What's about Hyundai Q90U?. I'm searching reviews but don't find a lot of
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  1. Here's another review: click me !
  2. I find it too!!!.

    Not a good choice for theirs
  3. Looks cool, just make sure it has a good 3-5 years warranty.
  4. Another lite review. It is in french, but 5/5 starts.

    They like it

    Behardware 4/5 starts
    lesnumeriques 5/5
    trustedreviews: "The picture quality doesn’t make this an ideal option for image editing. It's more of a general use LCD with a slight leaning toward the gaming market."..."but I’d spend the same amount or less on a good quality 17in LCD that has easy access to its video ports, gives you colour controls when using the DVI port, and perhaps has a pivot function."

    Another review
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