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i am looking to upgrade to a new board & cpu.Probably a 3.6 or 3.8 intel 775 pin.heres the issue i need a board that will support Rdram memory really doesnt matter what platform agp or pci-x as it's about time to upgrade my vid cards also.
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  1. no such thing man sorry but for lga 775 it only takes dram intel stop licensing the rdram tech from rambus when they became greedy and charged too high fees.
  2. Yep, LGA775 only supports DDR2 RAM. NO RDRAM, DDR, or SDRAM support.
  3. ok,so my alternative plan would be to go with a 3.4 478 pin cpu. And a board that supports rdram.the thing is i have 6gig total in 2 comps so thats why im trying to stick with the rdram.Pci-x is again optional.
  4. 6gig thats alot of ram geez ok if your gonna use a p4 478 get a northwood the mobo i think you can find one on price watch.
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