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Hi --

I have a few queries. First of all, I googled cool n' quiet technology. I tried to enable CnG w/ both power schemes: Portable/Laptop and Minimal Power Managment. To no avail, it doesn't seem to work when i tried to verify it using CPUID.

Do I have to download the drivers to enable it?,,30_182_871_9706,00.html

I also found a AMD 64 processor driver. Has anyone downloaded it? Or recommend me download it?

I'm currently running the following system:

Shuttle FN85 (6.00 PG)
-nForce3 150 rev. A4
AMD 64 3200+ Clawhammer (2.0)
512x2 Corsair
XP Profesh SP2
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  1. Download RightMark Memory Analyzer
    or PC Wizard 2006
    It will show you everything.
    Cpuz its not showing Hyper threading too or XD-bit.
  2. How to Enable Cool'n'Quiet Technology

    ""Athlon 64 processors have a tecnology called Cool'n'Quiet which allows noise, heat and consumption to be reduced. This technology works by monitoring the computer usage (this is done 30 times per second), reducing the CPU clock if your PC is not needing high performance. Running at a lower clock, less heat is generated and less power is consumed from the electrical grid. This tecnology also reduces the CPU fan speed, lowering the noise generated by your system. When your PC needs performance – if your run a game, for example – the CPU clock speed and the CPU fan speed go back to normal.

    To use this feature you will need an Athlon 64 processor, a motherboard with this feature enable at its setup, to install the Athlon 64 CPU driver and Cool'n'Quiet software. To accomplish this, go to, Support & Downloads, Utilities, Drivers & Updates, AMD Athlon 64 Utilities, Drivers & Updates and download and install the CPU driver and the Cool'n'Quiet software accordingly to your operational system. If you run Windows XP or Windows 2000 you can also install the "AMD Cool'n'Quiet / PowerNow! Dashboard Demo" software, which plots a chart monitoring the CPU power, clock, saved energy and CPU load.

    After installing the driver and software, on Windows XP you have to click on Power Options icon on Control Panel and configure, on "Power schemes" field the "Minimal Power Energy" option to enable Cool'n'Quiet. Click on System icon on Control Panel. If your CPU is being listed as a 800 MHz CPU this means that Cool'n'Quiet tecnology is up and running.

    On other Windows versions, you have to click on Power Options icon on Control Panel. Now a tab called "AMD's Cool'n'Quiet (tm) Technology" will appear. On this tab, configure Performance option at "Automatic Mode". To test if Cool'n'Quiet is working, run Wcpuclk software (available at our download section). If your CPU is listed as a 800 MHz one this means that Cool'n'Quiet is up and running.

    We've made a quick test in a system with an Athlon 64 3400+ CPU installed to check if this feature really works. Without Cool'n'Quiet, the CPU temperature was between 118.4º F and 122º F (48º C and 50º C) while we performed basic tasks (surfing on the net and listening to MP3 songs). After we enabled Cool'n'Quiet the CPU temperature dropped a lot and stayed between 86º F and 93.2º C (30º C and 34º C) while we performed the same basic tasks. With this feature enabled, the CPU fan ran slower, making our PC a lot more silent.""
  3. How does this affect gaming? Better? worse? no change? in performance
  4. Depends on the board and your windows version. Cool and quiet sometimes changes speed when it's supposed to, and sometimes not. It's not a perfect software. You'll just have to try it with your board and check your benchmarks while running it. Or you can disable it in the bios.
  5. I have a 3200+ venice and Q&Q enabled. There is NO difference in performance with or without q&q enabled.
  6. I have had nothing but trouble from that stupid feature with my asus board, IMO it sucks. Half my games won't work and sometimes vieos won't even play, so i steer clear of it.
  7. I have an asus board and here's how I did it ,btw it worked fine,no difference in bm's and I could still overclock 20% with it on.

    I installed the processor driver that came with my support cd using the device manager and installing from the disk option.

    Enter the bios and enable cool n quiet,then find acpi 2.0 support,set it to YES.

    I also use the "minimal power managment"seting in power options.After doing all that my idle cpu temp was on avg 4C lower than my ambient temp.I used cpu-z for the idle speed of the cpu which was 1ghz and voltage was something like 1.033v.

    Just read the manual with your mother board or if you don't have it download it from the manufacture.
  8. Asus is probably using different bios than shuttle b/c i didn't see that option ever. Nor did i read it in the manually..

    However, by downloading the AMD drivers i noticed a drastic improvement in my games, and i got the cool 'n quiet to go w/ it.

    Madden 2006 used to chop a bit when the players come out of the huddle but somehow thats all gone now.
  9. i'm having trouble finding the amd 64x2 c&q software for windows xp. I see one for linux but not windows xp. could somebody post a link?
  10. down on the same page on AMD web site..
  11. When I installed the AMD Cool'n'Quiet drivers for XP, it corrupted my hal.dll (or at least Windows thought it was corrupt) and made a nonsensical entry to my boot.ini. Thankfully, I was able to do a Windows restore in safe mode. Your mileage may vary.
  12. I have had no problems with Cool and Quiet and I feel it's a worthwhile feature. There's no point having full processing power when surfing the internet, email, office software or any other light task because it's just a waste of power, but if it's working correctly it will push the CPU upto full speed when you need it for games, encoding etc.
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