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The voltage level of my x2 3800 is fluctuating. In cpuz, it reads from 1.28v to 1.42v. Is this common? I thought it was supposed to remain constant.
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  1. holy crap y xp 3200 flactuates from 1.65 to 1.712 and i thought i was the only 1 who had this problem!
  2. they fluctuate, but the range you're giving is pretty steep... are you on a crap psu?
  3. I'm using a TurboLink 500w psu model: atxcw500p4. It came with my Aspire case.
  4. If you are using Cool N Quiet, isn't your voltage supposed to fluctuate according to the workload?
    Try running just in the BIOS and see if it fluctuates.
    If you're not, then yeahhhhh might wanna get a new PSU before everything melts.
  5. I have Cool N Quiet turned off!

    Why do companies even bother including crap psu with their cases? I should have known.

    Can you recommend a decent psu for under $100?
  6. Gosh, in my experience I typically have stuck w/ Antec - a little more expensive, but worth it for the quality. Enermax's are ok, thermaltake's are ok. I'm sure alot of guys out here can recommend other good brands. For $100, you can get a nice one, depending on what wattage you need.
    You can get an Antec 550 Truepower :)
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817103931

    I'm looking at this one... $15 cheaper! and pretty good reviews too :wink:
  8. antec, enermax, if you prefer cheaper, stuff liek fortron.

    i personally use antecs, (enermax is too expensive), and the tp2/sp2s are all good. i ilke the neohe, but people claim to have problems with them, so perhaps consider a good smartpower
  9. ive got a 400watt thermaltake psu that came with my case and it has run stable for me so far... voltages are a lil off but its been stable my conclusion was its misreads because 12 rails are around 5v according to speedfan, but anyways, go with a thermaltake im sure u can find a 500 watt for less than 100 bux :D
  10. You are looking at a 10% fluctuation. That is the maximum fluctuation anny power supply should allow. Good quality power supplies should keep fluctuation below 5%.

    See a typical power supply specification at this link:

    It is probably a good idea to get one of the power supply sugested on this tread.
    Is your system stable?

    dvdpiddy, you are looking at a 5% fluctuation on your system so it should be OK.
  11. Quote:

    I'm looking at this one... $15 cheaper! and pretty good reviews too :wink:

    Looks even better! 1 less fan = less noise. :D
  12. I use a Fortron Epsilon 600W for my rig and my voltages most of the time dont fluctuate at all :). However on my previous Antec Truepower 550 they were sporadic but with in tolerances. Fluctuations are bound to happen, just keep an eye on them. Read the THG PSU Stress test and it will explain all the ATX requirements. In there they do explain the allowable fluctuations according to the standard, but also note how many PSU's failed the test bc of the fluctuations. So, in reality, they are not that uncommon at all but they also dont make for a safe enviorment either :(
  13. If your on SLI or have some heavy mod in your case then that could be the reason. Get a 600watt psu, more watt more stable, more electric bill.
  14. Last week I bought a refurbished AsRock 939DualSATA2 from newegg. The Vcore fluctuated about .04v, and I have sent it back. I know it is not the PSU as I have another DualSATA2 on it now--solid. It's a bad regulator circut on the motherboard.
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