after changing mobo(pci-e) cpu voltage+heat up HELP please..

hi, ı have just changed my mobo and video card tonight and ı will go crazy. here is the story:

my old mobo was an Epox 9NDA3I(agp) and my 3200 venice was runing at 2.4 at 1.37-1.41 voltage (default setting) and the heat was idle:34 load:39
my new mobo is an EPOX 9NPA3J nforce4 pci-express now all settings at default like the past but the mobo sets the voltage 1.48 (setting:auto) so the heat is idle:41 load:46 ı've checked the termal paste twice. no problem with it. Do you have any idea about what the fuck is going on?

Is the voltage and heat change normal? ı mean is it possible that the voltage and heat change according to your mobo and video interface? you know this damn 3200 should work between 1.35-1.40 but even at stock settings(2.0 ghz) with this mobo the voltage is at:1.49

please give me some advice
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  1. 1. Your temps are nothing to be too concerned about.

    What I'm curious about is, what kind of video card did you used to have, and what kind did you replace it with? Because if you had a Radeon 9600 and replaced it with a 7800 GT, I can guarantee you it's going to get a bit hotter in there. 7 degrees hotter? Maybe. So let us know what the upgrade was.

    Also, what kind of fan setup do you have for your case?

    2. Voltage... well, it's a given that some boards will have a bit of a variance, yours does sound like a little more than usual but sensors aren't always 100% accurate. Hard to say without taking an actual multimeter in there.
    And if you're that worried you can probably manually adjust the voltage to what you like, right? So try that first. That might account for a couple degrees of heat, too.

    There are probably those who might take this more seriously than myself, I'm a bit of an overclocker so 0.1 volt doesn't worry me too much but maybe I should be more concerned. But I've personally had CPU's I've overvolted to higher amounts (and temps) than that and they've lasted for years and years.
  2. dude ı really thank you becasue you understood me and took my message seriously because ı waited a day but nobody posted any comment and ı felt very uncomfortable. Thanks again.

    my old video card was an 6600 gt you can be right about it because this 7800 gt is huge. second you are right to be suspicious about the real vcore because cpu-z shows vcore wrong (1.008)and the heat in the bios screen and in the probe are different. (lower in the probe)

    now it seems ok with this voltage and heat but ı am just like you and it bothers me ı will do what you say first ı will undervolt it if nothing changes then ı will give up because ı'm tired of dealing with these settings .

    thanks again
  3. I have a Venice core like you do, and I have mine at 1.55V but mines OC'd pretty far. Stock speeds you could probably bump it down manually to 1.3V (might starve though), 1.35V should be solid, since thats what my 3800+ came stock at.

    Also if your goin to keep that 7800GT in there, and are concerned about temps, toss another fan in there or upgrade your current fans. It will be more noise but if it allows you to sleep at night, its worth it :)

    Let us know

    Edit: after i look at your sig, I see yours is overclocked to my stock speeds. So i would not suggest trying 1.3V, rather start with 1.35v and if need be (doubtful) you can bump it up to 1.4v
  4. thanks everyone interested.

    ı went to a friend of mine who bought the same mobo and cpu and looked at his values with stock cooling and they were 1.47 core voltage 34-35 idle 42-43 load and the room was really cold so ı realized that there is nothing wrong with me and ı can sleep comfortably tonight..

    edit: ı have five case fans and it is noisy enogh :)
  5. Hey no problem, you're welcome.

    Although you should be thanking a fellow named Jake Barnes who sent me your way, i usually hang out in the graphics forum but he directed me to your post. Said nobody had answered you, and I guess Jake doesn't like to see someone in need go unanswered. :)
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