NVIDIA - ATI / New AGP Cards - AMD 761 CHIPSET/ Please Help!

I am posting this here since it is most certain that TomsHardware is the biggest (and best in my opinion) hardware site on the Net.

The past month I am facing a great problem which has to do with an upgrade. But before I continue here is some info on my current system specs:

2 x Athlon XP 2000+ mod to MP (The L5 trick)
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128 MB

OK...The past few weeks I was planning to upgrade. My first thoughts had to do with upgrading the CPU to 2 x Athlon XP-M 2800+ or 2 x Athlon XP Barton 266MHz FSB 2800+

So far so good...

Here comes the problem!!!
Upgrading my graphics card!

When I tested my brother's NVIDIA 6600GT the system would not boot up at all if the drivers weren't 7x.xx or older (6x.xx would do).

While searching on the Net in 2cpu.com and forums.amd.com I found out that everyone that had a board with AMD760 or AMD761 had the same problem!

The AGP slot is an AGP Pro 4x and it is compatible with the new AGP Graphics cards!

While reading other forums I noticed that some people had the same problem with some ATI cards as well (X800 and higher).

AMD does not rspond into this, NVIDIA promises they will look into this matter and ATI hasn't spoken on this at all!

I am in a dead end, I can't afford a full upgrade so I was wondering..Does anyone know anything on this situation?

Could someone from the TomsHardware Team promote this problem to AMD, ATI and NVIDIA so that we can upgrade our graphics cards?

If you notice the 2cpu and AMD forum there are lots of us that have dual boards with AMD 761 or AMD 760 (Single CPU) that have the same problem!

Please someone help!
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  1. This is all the chatter on some posting boards, for example check out http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=63297 as well as http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=9563 . I used to have a Tyan S2466 mobo running dual Athlon MP 2400's paired up with my BFG 6800GT OC and could not get any driver set better than 66.93 to work without some messed up issue or another. In part, this was a factor for my recent upgrade to a dual opteron mobo. This is truly an nVidia driver issue, and unfortunately, they don't seem too hard pressed to correct the problem. Albeit the AMD 760 & 761 chipset is mature by standard and not in keeping with the latest and greatest, but that is no poor ass excuse for nVidia to offer subpar driver support. Given the fact that the chipset is mature would be, IMHO, even more reason to have excellent support as part of the standard driver build. It seems as soon as nVidia started pushing PCIe and SLI they jumped the shark with AGP support. Ironic considering they just released the 7800GS 256MB AGP card!!! Anyway, personal rant aside, check out those links, they do offer some work arounds, but in my opinion, find a driver set that works on your machine with the card and just run with it...I was able to play the complete Medal of Honor series, Max Payne2, Serious Sam, and Far Cry on the S2466 with the 6800GT using driver set 66.93, no issues, they played well with medium to high quality settings, there were slight artifacts but nothing to cry over, don't care about benchies so never ran them, but I always hoped that a better driver was out there...
  2. chunkymonster thanks for the reply! You write that this is an NVIDIA problem and they stopped writing proper AGP drivers. However to my knowledge there were problems with AGP drivers of ATI as well! Some people had problems in working with X8xx graphics cards. Do you know anything of this? I cannot afford to spend 300€ (350$) to buy a graphics card that will not work on my system...They will not accept it back afterwards...
    If you have any information on ATI cards and DUAL AMD761 boards please help me.

    Finally, while reading the posts on NVIDIA (both on 2cpu and AMD) I noticed that most people had working 6800GT's with 7x.xx drivers! Did you check that?
    Thanks in advance!
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