With new motherboard comes new.....

My computer seems to be heading to a dead end because of my motherboard. The highest CPU i can get is a 2.6ghz and video cards are stating to use something other then AGP so i figured i should get a new motherboard but was wondering what things i would have to change with a new motherboard like a new processor or new ram or anything else. So my question is (if you've lost me) what would i have to change with a new motherboard. Thanks for the help.
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  1. There are acctually a few things that you might have to do. First of all how old is the motherboard that you have and what type of processor are you talking about, a low end P4 or a high end AMD, im guessing the first since you said it was something other than AGP, and if I am right that means that you would most likely have to go out and buy new ram cus the new pentium mobos run on DDR2 and no longer DDR, if you know your computer specs please tell me cus that would greatly help.
  2. Well, if you plan on keeping anything you have now, we'll need to know your current system specs. If not, then give us a budget and what you primarily wanna do with this new build and we'll throw some ideas around.

    Generally speaking, when you change out a MB, if you have a compatible CPU, then you can normally move them to the new board. There are of course variables such as FSB speed, RAM type, drive types, graphics interface and usually higher power requirements. Those are a few things to consider when attempting to swap motherboards.

    Let us know what your intentions are.
  3. What he said, lots to do and it also depends on how much you are willing to spend cus it might be too much of a hastle if you dont have the money right now.

    AMD A64 4000+
    1 Gb OCZ PC4000
    300 Gb Maxtor SATA Daimond Max 10
    Connect 3D X850XT
    Ultra 500 Watt PSU
    ABIT AN8-SLi mobo
    Too many Blue LED 120mm fans
    Emperex Double Layer DVD+RW, CD+RW
  4. graphics card: Radeon 9600 PRO AGP 128 MB DDR
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.59GHz (getting a 2.6GHz)
    1.00 GB RAM

    not sure what other specs are needed

    and i have $60 in cash and around $200 in best buy gift cards but im still gonna be making money cause i really want to get my computer good.
  5. This likely an old P4 socket 423 with PC133 mem, and, unfortunately, upgrading it means you will be able to save/carry over little other than perhaps a floppy, your hard drive and CD/DVD drive.

    You would need:

    new ATX12v spec PSU, 400 watt recommended (old atx ps insufficient)

    mb (if building new system, may as well get an NF4 socket 939 variant for an Athlon 64 processor; normal NF4 boards run around $89; your 9600 Pro AGP will not work in most new mb,s which are PCIe, although there are one or two mbs available that have AGP and PCIe slots to allow you to reuse 9600 Pro for a while if absolutely necessary)

    cpu: Athlon 3500+ is nice, runs about $220-ish, runs most apps as well as P4 running at 3.6 GHz

    video card: 6800GS in PCIe for $190, 7800GT for $280; if not 3d gaming at all, you can get by a lot cheaper, 6200, Radeon X300 for sub-$100

    DDR PC3200 mem (1 or preferably 2 GB), depending on which mb/chipset you get. (most new Intel socket 775 mbs are using DDR2 mem)

    OS: Is that WIn98? You'll need or want WInXP for most modern chipsets and several new games are not playable with Win98...

    Alas, it's gonna be alot more than $265...
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