ATI X850 Pro vs. 6800 GS both AGP???

If I can get them for the same price which do you think would be the better buy assuming I'm not going to OC?
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  1. Without question the X850 pro. How much? Online in USA? Link? (I'm interested) :) You can get 6800GS here for $200, which would be a very good buy for a X850 pro AGP now.

    The 6800GS might take a few games like Doom3, but the X850 pro is near to the 16-pipe X800XL and 6800GT, and definately above a X800 pro, X800GTO, 6800GS AGP.
  2. I live in Canada so it's harder to find great deals. The 6800 GS is around $270 + shipping but I can get the 850 Pro for $300 flat and not have to pay shipping. So they would come out to about the same price. Looking for an AGP card to last a couple of years then get a system upgrade.
  3. oh yeah, that's all in Canadian Dollars
  4. Bummer for me; I'm about to pull the trigger on a $200 AGP; would have loved the X850 pro. I'd go with that one.
  5. Depends on if you need pixel shader 3.0 in the games you play. If it doesn't matter then the ATI AGP solutions are fast. That being said, the new 7800GS overclock edition cards from BFG, EVGA, and XFX look promising and since the launch they are around $300USD.
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