dual core sempron from amd is it possible?

Is it possible for amd to release a sempron dual core for under 200 or maybe even under 150?I have heard that intel will release a pentium d under 200 maybe even 160?(Is my punctuation better?)
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  1. Man, you ask a lot of questions that really do not have definite answers.

    Yes, it's possible AMD will release dual core semprons. I highly doubt they will with the current core design. Currently Semprons are based on Athlon XP cores. Now I can see AMD rebranding the current Athlon 64 cores into Semprons later down the road...

  2. Yeah but you can't buy them. Go to pricewatch.com or newegg.com and try to find one. They don't exist... yet. And considering how long it's been since AMD floated the Socket 939 Sempron, I wouldn't count on seeing any until Socket M2 gets released.

  3. well jesse i really wnna know!
  4. I agree, sempron is not a high-end type of processor, and right now dual-core processors are the the premium, so I don't believe that semprons will become dual-core anywhere in the near future.
  5. Correct, that is why I said "near future".
  6. Aight. :lol:
  7. Quote:
    well jesse i really wnna know!

    That all put our money on it like we always do at THGC. :D

    $5 to much for you? :lol: too rich for my blood.
  8. Quote:
    How about a plan of getting AMD's CEO and a bunch of their top engineers, get them drunk then persuade them to make another low-end SMP platform?

    AhtlonMP reborn! :lol:
    hell yeah wusy ill bring the beer!
  9. I think my homosexal tendancies would come out and I'm already attracted to Hector Ruiz... so I'm going to pass on a drunken AMD executive party. Thanks though.


    P.S. nude shots of Hector would be great... if you can.
  10. ok jesse you stay back ill bring some hooker's aswell.
  11. Are you sure that the sempron is still based on the XP core? I thought the went to a crippled 64 when they went to the socket 754 platform, you know with the integrated memory controller, and then the 64 bit. Or are these just xps with an integrated memory controller and 64 bit tacked on.
    It seems that it would be more expensive to do it that way then to just disable some cache on a 754 chip that had some problems in the cache.
    But then again I am just a newbie and you are one of the great ones, right?
  12. "Now I can see AMD rebranding the current Athlon 64 cores into Semprons later down the road...

    There have been socket 754 Semprons (which are simply socket 754 Athlon 64's with 256k cache) out in the market for many months......

    (My daughters rig is Sempron 64/3000+ on socket 754....)
  13. There are both socket A Semprons and socket 754 Semprons....
  14. "Or are these just xps with an integrated memory controller and 64 bit tacked on. "

    There are no XP based processors with 64 bit capability...

    The Sempron 64 series are merely socket 754 Athlon 64's (no dual channel mem access) with half the cache installed (256k vs 512k), or half of it disabled/laser cut)

    The socket 754 based Semprons still run proverbial peroformance rings around all the socket A processors, including both XP series and xp's renamed as Semprons included...
  15. Thats what I thought, I have an XP 2800+ and I built a system for my dad for christmas on the 64 bit sempron 2600+ and it is so much faster than mine it's not even funny. I was just doubting MPJesse's comment that semprons were still on the xp core. Thanks for the support.
  16. I dont think there will be DCs based on Budget-CPUs until 2007.
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