XFX PV-T70K-UAD7 GeForce 7800 GS AGP 8X 256MB DDR3

Ok iam going to upgrade my video card. I have a msi fx5900xt atm. Iam looking at this card here. XFX PV-T70K-UAD7 GeForce 7800 GS AGP 8X 256MB DDR3 . The card clocking and there waranty and the price is pointing me to this card. Does anyone have any experience with xfx cards ,are they any good . I have never used any of them before.

I have a intel pent 4 3.0 now but will be going to a amd dual core within a year or so but i just cant swing the whole upgrade thing now as it would come to about 1300 or 1500 dollars.

Give me your input please :)
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  1. XFX isn't so bad, If you really like that then go ahead get it. You can also consider Leadtek it's just several bucks cheaper compare to the XFX...
  2. or BFG. It's a little more money but it's a very good card and lifetime warranty. So it's a good deal and one day when you're like 80 yrs old and the graphics card broke they will replace it, assuming that the company would still be around. :P :P :P

    Really, I've been using BFG since my 6200 card and all of them are still running fine in my old pc. The 6200 card plays pong with over 100 fps! in high resolution! It's just amazing. :)
  3. Agree, the 7800GS is a little steep for $300...

    try to find a 6600GT for $140.....plays all games, only sacrificing AA/AF on most newer titles...
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