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Can any one recomenned a good socket a cooler under a 100(water or air)
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  1. The best cooler makers are thermalright, and vantec. Check them out, to see what they have.
  2. CoolerMaster Aquagate Mini water Cooler is damn good.
  3. thx guy's oh endyen btw i thought that zalman and coolermaster where the best.
  4. ok thx wusy :D
  5. Thanks wusy, great job of setting him straight.
    I generally rank AVC third, but you have to lap the base.
  6. I really hate that pos. It's way too loud, and not that much better than stock. It's not even as good a cooler as the vantec aeroflow, at half the noise level. (sorry, it was the last TT unit I will ever buy)
  7. The only time I was ever really happy with a TT product was when I "adjusted" it to take a larger fan.
  8. Try a thermalright sli 120, with that big fan it runs cool without too much noise and it looks cool too.
  9. no seriuosly thx wusy socket a user's are all going to m2 and there's not alot ofpeople that have alot of socket a knowledge like you thx so much! but im thinking of going water cooling any recomendations?
  10. From personal experience, if you want a completely SILENT solution for any socket A.

    The ThermalTake Sonic Tower, I have this installed with AS5 and I haven't had a heat issue at all... Only majorproblem was that I had to reposition the side fan to be mounted on the OUTSIDE of the case window... damn thing is TALL.

    But I run a 3200+ Barton, at 2.5 Ghz No issues, ~55 degrees C under full load.

    Just my 2 Cents.
  11. ok thx penguin
  12. A bit off topic here, but I learnt how vigilant the Socket A really is today. I've always scoffed at them as being, old, useless pieces of *profanity*. But I learnt a lesson today :roll:

    I had a friend bring over her old P2 400mhz Acer, I took a quick CPU-Z to find out what it was (CPU-Z Results) Turned out to be a Deschutes.

    I cleaned the insides out as and removed the CPU fan to clean it. I reinstalled the fan and put another stick of ram into it. But unknowningly, I had forgotten to plug in the header pin to power the fan 8O Mistake #1 :oops: I powered it back up and installed some updates and gave it a bit of a tweaking to get it moving a bit better. I was doing a Spy Subtract scan when I thought I'd just put on SpeedFan 4 to see what there old system ran at.

    Well when it loaded, I got a bit of a shock. The CPU was running at 102C!! I thought SpeedFan was just being silly, but the sensor on the 40GB Western digital HDD was reading 42C, which was about right for the rather warm 34C ambient at home. I started to worry about how hot it was really running, so I lefted the case and stuck my finger on the heat sink to get a rough guage of how hot it was. Mistake #2 :oops:. It burnt my finger after about 2 seconds, resulting in a few 'F' words. I would have to say, by the burning sensation in my hand, this CPU was running between 80-100C. I've accidentally spilt hot coffee on my hands before, and this gave me the same "F**k that's hot" indication.

    I poked around in the case until I found the CPU fan header plug was unplugged :oops: Made a n00b out of myself with that one, plugged it back in and the temp started jumping down in notches, to about 60C, I put a pedastal fan beside it and the temp dropped down to a moderately healthy 45C. I removed the pedastal fan and it stayed around the mid 40's and crept a little to the late 40's depending on CPU load.

    I know a few of you probably are passing this story off as bullshit, i don't mind that, I don't want any "respect" for my act of stupidity and n00bness from forgetting to plug a fan in, I'm still quite shocked at how something this primative was able to survive these temps, even if it was out by 20% in temperature, that's still bloody hot in my books. I've had my 3200+ Venice up to 60C and felt the heatsink and never burnt my finger like that.

    I have no photos or screen shots, was a bit more worried about blowing up a friends computer at the time of discovery, so please excuse me for that. :? I do have an old Socket A 333mhz Celeron, which I am going to try to experiment with and see if it gets close to that temp, so maybe in a few weeks time, I'll have a video or some photos for those who need "Rock solid proof" before they stop flamin me :P

    Well this goes in my file of "Wierd" computer experiences :? Hope this little story has brought a chuckle or a smile from some of the readers, but I think it will only cause a lot of flamin :x

    **Put's on a flame resistant suit and waits for the replies**
  13. Just so you know, P2s and celerons used slot 1. Amd's chips, after slot a, and up to the A64s used socket a .
  14. Thanks for the correction, Endyen. Guess I've made a fool of myself twice in one day now :oops:
  15. Nah, I some how got the whole confusion of Slot 1 and Slot/Socket A mixed up in my head when I moved from Intel to AMD 8O

    The box I'm gonna try to get to the 100C mark is a Slot 1 P2 333mhz Celeron. I'm gonna remove the whole fan off it and just run passive heat sink like the P2 400mhz Pentium become in my previous post.
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