Trying to decide on a video card

Hi, this is my current system

AMD 64 3000+ (Newcastle)
Slot 754 Asus K8V SE Deluxe (K8t800 chipset)
512 DDR400 corsair value ram (planning to buy another 512)
128mb AGP Radeon 9800 pro

Some time in the future, I'm planning to buy a better video card to play games like Half Life 2:Aftermath and TES: Oblivion at higher settings. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.

The cards I originally had in mind was the 6800 GS (AGP), 7800 GS (AGP), or the radeon x850 xt (AGP) Somebody from another forum told me that my cpu would bottleneck the radeon x850xt, and it's better to get the 6800, is this true? Then when I looked at some benchmarks, I noticed the 6800 GT wasn't too far off from the 7800gs in terms of performance, and I've heard some 6800GS can be unlocked or oc'd to reach ultra speed. So what should I do?

I probably won't need a new card until Oblivion comes out, but I like knowing what I should do in advance. BTW, all my hardware is running at stock speed with stock coolers. I've never overclocked or installed custom fans before, but from the looks of it, overclocking the gs shouldn't be too hard. Would I invalidate the warrenty of the BFG 6800gs by attemping to overclock? Thanks for the help.

edit: I just noticed I posted in the wrong forum, someone please move me to the correct one, thanks.
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  1. That CPU will be fine if OCied. 6800 GT would be your best bet if you don't want to OC, 6800 GS is perfect for OCieng but it will be a little drastic to do it that is if you want to take the risk. 7800 GS is really not worth for an AGP upgrade its a little pricey & its speed is just like an extended 6800 ULTRA. The prices of the Geforce 6 cards will surely drop so you should keep an eye on them.
  2. Yes get that other 512 and the 6800GS card. That's about the best you can do for your system cost effectively. After that you'll be spending big bucks to get only slight performance gains. Overclocking and/or removing the supplied video card cooler is generally warranty voiding so I would keep the new stuff for a little while to make sure its got no faults before I head out to OC it. Then again really how can they tell if you've overclocked it or not? Are you not going to attempt overclocking the 3000+?
  3. Thanks for the replies. If it's necessary for the 6800gs, I suppose that I'll try overclocking my 3000+ but I want to stay with the stock cooling for now. I have not overclocked before, but with the overclocking faq on this forum it shouldn't be too hard. Are there any potential dangers of overclocking I should be aware of? As long as I overclock in little amounts, nothing bad should happen right?

    It seems that EVGA's warranty allows for overclocking which is a big plus. I'm not exactly sure for BFG's, i've heard people say yes and no.
  4. yeah do it in small increments and don't overvoltage too much. Otherwise you should be sweet. Ask around for specifics on what's volts r safe for yer chip and all that.
  5. I just read the a64 overclocking guide again and I noticed the writer recommended pc3700 ram. My mobo only supports pc3200 ram and according to the manual, if I fill all 3 DIMM slots, the memory can only run at DDR 333 (dont' know what pc that is) Will this prevent me from overclocking?

    THe mobo is a asus k8v se deluxe btw
  6. that's weird but you usually only need 2 slots anyway. pc3200 is fine. just get the good low latency stuff
  7. I agree with the 6800 card thats the best for your system and value.
  8. man hash stop spending all your money on weed and buy yourself a better system :D
  9. oh i am man. i'm gettin me the fat paycheck for a p4s800 to overclok it to 7gz with
  10. haha well good friggin luck hope you get a goodenough chip to do that, using vapocooling? i lean twords amd more though, never liked them damn preschotts:D im overclocking my amd643200 went 3800 speeds no extra volt 29 degs idle i think i can go alot further, maybe later :twisted:
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