Would you bother upgrading from an xp 2600+ to xp 3200+?

just tryin to squeeze the most out of my a7n8x mobo. id like to overclock it too.... i have 3200 xtreme ram. and is there a difference in the amd xp chips between oem and retail like there used to be with the thunderbirds etc?

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  1. Quote:
    Would you bother upgrading from an xp 2600+ to xp 3200+?

    No. I'd save my money for a Socket 939 or LGA 775 board if I were you.

    is there a difference in the amd xp chips between oem and retail like there used to be with the thunderbirds etc?

    Yes, you'd be a fool to buy an OEM processor. Boxed processors are priced the same and come with a heatsink/fan and a 3 year warranty. Other than that there's no difference. It's not worth saving $10 to get an OEM processor. Just my opinion.

  2. the difference between the oem and retail is about $100. there are only 2-3 places i can get the 3200+. id be upgrading for ~$225.... i probably should have added that in my original post.

    edit: typo... changed from $125 to $225
  3. My bad... let me rephrase:

    The price difference between OEM Athlon 64's/Pentium 4's and their boxed counterparts is almost non-existant.

  4. Check out my post in this thread regarding upgrade paths for your board.
  5. Quote:
    Check out my post in this thread regarding upgrade paths for your board.

    interesting... the xp-m is the laptop chip, correct? and it will work fine on my asus a7n8x?
  6. Quote:
    Overclock it to at least 2.3Ghz first. And if you still feel you need more power then upgrade.

    Stock AMD cooling with refreshed thermal compunt/paste will do.

    im not sure i know how to do that. everytime i fool with that stuff it wont post. i have the memory running at 206mhz right now. whenever i fool with the chip multiplier, i end up having to reset it.

    right now i have the 2600+ that runs at 1.9 ghz i guess.... i have a game (silent hunter 3) that says its below recommended speed. i was thinkin of the 3200+ and oc'ing it wheicjh might give me an extra 900-1000 mhz.
  7. No, it will not work fine. Fine is sad. The xp-m chip will OC like a banshee.
    Your board should run it @ 2.4 ghz without problem.
    You have to understand first off, that the multiplier on those chips is unlocked.
    Find out how high an fsb your chipset, and ram can handle, then up the multiplier to see how high you can go.
  8. Quote:
    No, it will not work fine. Fine is sad. The xp-m chip will OC like a banshee.
    Your board should run it @ 2.4 ghz without problem.
    You have to understand first off, that the multiplier on those chips is unlocked.
    Find out how high an fsb your chipset, and ram can handle, then up the multiplier to see how high you can go.

    well, the ram shouldnt be a problem. its that corsair 3200 extreme series stuff... i believe thats ddr 400? no clue about the mobo fsb...

    i was looking at some of those chips. do you know what the diffeence between the regular, gold and platinum chips is?

    like this one
  9. I would probably stay clear of that one. He's overvolted it to 1.85. If he's not using water cooling, the smoke will be in a hurry to escape. As we all know, chips actually run on smoke, and once the smoke escapes...
    (okay sorry bad joke, but the truth is that that chip will have a relatively short life)
  10. I with getting dual core 939 or 775. Don't buy OEM although they have price cut but if you get one that doesn't work then you'll end up paying more returning it. Besides OEM means the box has been open or it has been used and are not guaranteed to work. You might get defective ones. Just buy retail.
  11. Yes, 939 is good, but whether you want dual core or not depends on what you use your pc for. If you are intending on running games, like me, I would go for single core. I myself have an AMD 64 3200 Venice, and I've got it OC'd from 2GHz to 2.4GHz, it runs completely stable, with a max temp of about 40c under load.

    I still use the stock cooler, but as for not buying OEM, I would say that there still is point in it. Retail comes with a 3 year warranty, but that is only if you actually use the stock cooler, otherwise the warranty is made void (dunno if they can tell if you haven't been using it). As for OEM, it may only come with a 1 year warranty, but it is obviously not made void by using a different cooler. This means that you should be able to push more out of your processor, with a better overclock.

    Also on the overclocking front, if you are overclocking your FSB, you would probably need to lower your RAMs clock speed in the first place, as then you can overclock more, and keep your system stable. However, I've never OC'd an Athlon xp before, so I do not know what feature you would need to find in order to change your FSB multiplier (If it exists).

    I have seen (with my OWN eyes) an overclock to 2.7GHz on an AMD 64 3200 Venice, running stable, at a temp of about 35c under load. This was also with air cooling, using a Zalman CNPS7700-CU. If anyone has seen a better overclock I would like to hear.

    Anyway sorry for blabbin on - a bit of a newbie to forums you see :wink:
  12. If you have a little more than that $225, get this epox mobo and an A64 3200. You could still use the old gfx, ram , etc.
    It wil OC to 2.4, and outperform anything you could do on socket A.
  13. Yeah but, still... come on?

    The question is not wether the upgrade from a SOCKET-A processor to 64-bit is worth it - because you'd have to spend cash on a brand new mobo aswell and I don't see how that could be cheaper than just a simple CPU switch! He asked if that kind of upgrade would be worth it and some of you actually suggested all this shit about switching to a dual-core system, what the hell..?

    As far as I'm concerned 64-bit stuff is still way too expensive to consider if you're aiming for some descent performance. And this questions is actually of big interest to some people (like me) that would like to hold on to their AGP-based systems as long as damn possible. I'd rather stick with my current board and switch my BartonXP-2600 for a 3200+ (or whatever the highest is possible) and then, when prices on those 939's settle, I'd make the switch. And in the process, I could actually keep my GFX-card that I payed good money for a while longer too.

    Please ppl, keep things on the subject. Not everybody is made out of money...
  14. tdean, if your running your memory at 206 MHZ, then your overclocking your chip already, if I read your message correctly.

    Sounds like you have a Barton 333 if its a 1.9 which means the multiplier's locked at 11.5 (I think). If your memory's running at 206, then your OC'd to 2.37 which is past the 3200+s stock speed. If you can maintain this then you've already cleaned out the headroom of your current processor.

    I am not familiar with the 3200+ OC capabilities, but if it's not a good overclocker I don't think it would be worth getting. The Mobile 2600s a great overclocker (I use it, and it's an OEM) but I don't think it would be worth getting (it will work in your board) if your already reaching 2.37 with your current 2600+.

    Looks like an upgrade to 939 would be a good choice. I was against it before, but I have been shown the light. The ASROCK 939Dual
    board might be a good option for you. You can reuse your existing gear but you'll still need to find a 939 processor as well. The Epox route would work just as good too.
  15. OK sorry....
  16. Steer clear of the marketing hype. That guy is making a buck selling tested chips. All of the XP-mobiles were great socket A chips, but the rule with Ocing is YMMV (your mileage may very). These were cream of the crop chips that would run at the stated speed with very low voltage (to conserve power in laptops). So, when you give 'em some juice they clock much higher.
    There's a good eBay list here.
    Just pick a winner. Saw a 2800+ for $58 shipped Plus, you can eBay your old proc.
    Up the voltage to stock desktop, 1.6 I believe. Set the FSB to 400. Then up your multiplier until it isn't stable or it gets too hot. If you feel like playing with it, try some combos in between to find the sweet spot (maybe 12 x 195 instead of 11 x 200 because 12 x 200 isn't stable).
  17. ... and he never returned.. dude, you fried his cpu! ;)

    i'd advice him to get the asrock s939dual and a A64 3000+ or 3200+ that way he can keep using his agp card and still have the option of using a new pci-express card later, plus an Xp-m 2600+ is worth a whole lot more than a xp 2600+ on ebay or whereever
  18. Trust me. It's been going strong for 2 years plus. If that thing has a minor hiccup, I hear about it. That's what you get for building systems for good friends: lifetime free tech support.
  19. He said he was spending $225 on the chip upgrade. Now-a-days there are a lot of new board & chip combinations available for that price which would way outperform an XP3200+.

    Lets see, in todays Fry's add there are three mobo and processor combo deals for under $225. And if I look at Newegg..... well, you get the picture.
  20. Well, what if you don't have 200 bucks to spend on a new set?

    I was thinking something more in line with those e-bay offers. Heck, for 58$ it's worth a try but I'm not sure they are shipping to anywhere else outside the US. I could easily spend that kind of cash for even a small boost, as long as it would allow me to OC some in the future, of course. However, I don't believe in buying a completely new system mainly because new things tend to get outdated so fast that it kills the joy of having it in the long run.

    I would prefer to invest in "vintage" hardware, proven to have worked and not sold at prohibitly expensive prices. Only shame is I don't live anywhere near the states and therefore I don't get to take part of those sweet offers. Maybe I will someday move there, but until then I'd like to save my hard earned cash for something else than overpriced hardware.

    We'll have to see if that guy at e-bay can possibly manage a cross-atlantic shipment for a descent price. Does anyone know if those "Dublin" XP-m processors will fit on a Socket A mainboard?
  21. I'd say go with an overclock. A 3200+ probably won't even give you even a 10% bump in performance. Check out this:

    CPU Charts 2005
  22. A socket A XP 3200+ would have to be renamed a 2500+ in A64 terms, as all socket 939 solutions willl defeat any OC'd Barton...

    There is no way I'd dump another $225 into a socket a rig....

    That $225 would be much better spent on an A64/3700+ or so...
  23. I'd say you are incorrect.

    If my calculations are true, an AthlonXP 3200+ should be around 25% more powerful than a Sempron 2600+ (using this as the equivalent to a Athlon 2600 because both are based on the Barton core). To me it's a significant amount of difference, enough to justify a switch.

    Besides, I suspect that the 200 Mhz front-side bus will solve the problem I'm having with my Dual RAM sticks (they won't run at the specified 400 Mhz DDR for some reason), I think it has to do with the fact that my Barton has a 166 Mhz FSB but in any case that should yield yet another increase in performance.

    Btw, the comparison I made is based on the Sisoft Sandra 2005 'multimedia benchmarks'. Anyhow, I will leave the rest up to you to analyse...
  24. No, you're wrong.

    Not all 64-bit processors are better.

    Check the synthetic benchmark scores and you'll see that it wouldn't be the case. An AthlonXP 3200 comes close to the performance of a Athlon64 3200 (Newcastle) and in some cases even defeats it.

    I'd suggest that you took a good look at what you were buying before making the switch to a 64 bit system, and then another good look to see what actually it can perform. I believe many people have taken for granted that 64-bit equals better performance. But as we can see in those benchmarks, that's not always the case.
  25. I have the exact same mobo i upgraded to a 3200 for 135 by buying from ewiz on clearance i got 18% performanc increase from my 2200 sempron :lol:
  26. I agree, I buy lots of stuff off the clearance table. But I certainly wouldn't pay $226 for anything socket A...
  27. Sure, in synthetic benches, the Socket A XP's look fine, but in the real world the fall quite a but short. At best, the Athlon XP 3200+ was about even with a 3 GHz. P4 and the A64's walk all over P4's at that speed. Shoot, the A64's run away from P4's much faster than 3.0 GHz!
  28. I know, it's tough being a poor student, but come on wusy.
    Sure, your xp @ 2.5ghz is every bit as good as a stock 1.8ghz A64, but I dont see you leaving it @ 1.8 for long. I'm thinking 2.6 or better, but even if you only got it to 2.4, that would be a 33% improvement.
    My s754 @ 2.45 blew my xp-m @ 2.45, right away.
  29. That really does sound like a waste. Think of all the good drugs and alcohol you could have got.
    Try not to wipe out on the new bike, okay.
  30. Phun was intended ;)

    oh yeah, all that wining and bitching from people i forgot i knew :p It's still funn letting them see what overclocking really can do for a system :)
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