how can i burn 2 dvds at once on the same machine?

i have a client that wants me to make it so his box can burn the same dvd to 2 burners at the same time. i have 3 drives one is a dvdrom the other 2 are burners i have them all hooked up, but i cant figure out how i could read from the dvdrom and burn that disk to both burners at the same time. also the hardware is not the fastest. its an athlon 1800 w/ 512 ram, and 80gb hd. I know that it can be done, i just dont know how to do it. can someone please help, i need it badly or else i dont get no business. thanks in advance.
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  1. I see no point of burning two dvd or cd at the same time. Unless your pirating softwares, songs, games and movies. Just joking.

    Well to start with the hardware are not fast to be able to do the task if it is possible in the first place. Besides burning a dvd or cd put a lot of stress on the hardwares especially the cpu. Even if you can able to do so, it will slow down the system drastically making it a lot slower. So your best with that hardware is to burn one dvd or cd at a time, in that way the pc is only doing one task enabling it to perform its fastest.

    Okay, let's say that burning one dvd would take 20 minutes. Now burning two 2 dvds at the same time will not take 20 minutes but maybe more because it is multitasking. To my knowledge, first I have never seen or heard or known someone having their pc burning to dvds at the same time.

    That kind would only apply to people or company that are producing softwares and not to mention the criminals who burn or copy softwares illegaly. The pirates or scurvy dogs.

    Is it possible to burn to dvds at the same time, absolutely. And in doing so would only severly lower the systems performance.

    Maybe there's people that have it, I have only one burner and one rom drive.

    But if the computer has higher performance then I believe it can multitask and burn two dvds at the same time.
  2. thank you for the lesson in morality, specualtion, and no real help. I know that this system is going to run dogged ass slow if i can figure it out. thats not the point. I need to be able to DO it. the guy that wants this done i dont think he cares as long as i can do it. so i need to figure it out regardless. besides i have stronger hardware and maybe i can get him to shell out more dough anyway... :sigh: i still need help, i know there are people out there that know...
  3. I have two burners in my rig (to do demo cd copys)

    Just install two burners each on a seperate IDE channel and use Nero

    Nero has dual burner native support
  4. Quote:
    I have two burners in my rig (to do demo cd copys)

    Just install two burners each on a seperate IDE channel and use Nero

    Nero has dual burner native support

    Exactly. I think w/ the regular license you can do up to 3? If you want to do more I think you have to pay them more for another module or something. Note that you have to have the retail version of Nero, not the OEM software that comes w/ burners.
  5. ok, i have made some headway here. I downloaded the demo for version 7 and FINALLY there is a checkbox, the mystical freakin checkbox, for multiple burning., i hooked up all my drives and i got it going. i did not use on the fly. i made it so it makes the image then used that. however this was not enough, it would fail in the burn process shortly into it under 20%, this was wasting dvds... so i put in a drive controller and made each optical drive a master, this didnt work either. it failed the same way... so ... any suggestions now?
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