Best CPU for good price

hi, I about to have some money to spend in my computer. Right now I have:

AMD atlhon XP 1.7+
motherboard (UNKNOW agp 4x, ram 266 Mhz) really bad
512 MB 400Mhz
ATI 9600 XT 256MB
Audigy 2 ZS

And I dont know what CPU to buy.

I cant decide beetwen AMD 3.8 X2 or AMD 4.0
In games 4.0 is quite better but in heavy applications 3.8 x2 is better.

I have like 300 - 350€ to CPU
100€ to motherbord
help me.
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  1. Cpu

    dual core is better because more and more softwares and games are taking advantage of dual core cpu's.


    the mobo is a little over your budget but a good value for mobos around $100.
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