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I am looking for a good 19" CRT monitor mainly for long term use & on long periods, i have a packard bell A520 at the moment witch has a max res of 1024*768 @ a crap 60hz witch is giveing me alot of eyestrain. I will be useing the monitor with a nvidia riva tnt2 witch has a max res @ 2048*1536 @60hz but there is no way that ill be useing that res ,,, ill be sticking to 1152*864 @ 170hz & maby 1024*768 @ 200hz. all of these res @ 16bbs & gameing @ 640*480 & maby 800*600 @ 240hz with 32bbs !. Is ther any GOOD 19" monoitors out there that will be good for my useages ?.
bareing in mind that i only have £230.00 to spare !.

linux has got to be better !
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  1. Not sure if a 19" even exists that can do 1152@170Hz (vertical refresh)
  2. this brings up an interesting question. both this guy and someone else at some other point talked about running their monitors at like 200 refresh. is that possible? i know that windows only allows me to go to 120 refresh. and even at 100 refresh i hear a high pitch and see a shadow on the mouse.

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  3. If the monitor and VC support it then yes it is possible. Do you want to do it is a better question.

    The answer is that you may be trading away image quality unnecessarily. To make a black and a white pixel next to each other, the electron beams in the monitor must go from off to on in an incredibly short length of time. If there isn't enough time for the change, the transition between the two pixels goes gray. If you are speeding up the refresh rate, you are giving the electron beams less time to switch on or off between pixels. So the best approach is to choose the lowest refresh rate at which you can't see any flicker. To check, look about 6 inches to the side of the monitor while a white screen is displayed.

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  4. My monitor has one of the better refresh rates I've seen... 1280x1024 at 100Hz, and that's still nowhere near what he was talking about. He wants a super monitor.

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  5. what monitor do you have silverpig?

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  6. Most people can not see flicker with 85Hz vertical refresh rate. Anything above that is overkill.
  7. It's a KDS Avitron AV-195TF

    19" monitor with a max res of 1920x1440x32 at 60Hz, 1280x1024x32 at 100Hz, .24ag, trinitron tube. It cost me about $700-$750 cdn a year and a half ago.
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