AMD64 3800+ vs AMD64 3800+ Dualcore

I'm building a gaming PC and will running 2 instances of and MMO similar to WoW. Which CPU do I want? Can the dual core be easily & stabilly OCed to perform like the single core, using the MSI K8N Neo4 platinum board?

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  1. MOst of the X2 3800's OC pretty well, but this will vary depending on your MB....; the K8N Neo-4 series do support dualcores with any BIOS version younger than 6-8 months

    My own K8N neo-4 (non-Ultra, non Platinum) does not appear to like any FSB above 215 MHz, hopefully yours will do better....

    (If planing on OCing, I'd look instead at a dualcore Opteron 165 over the X2-3800..)
  2. Man! You are right. I just recently saw the 3800+ DC was the same price as the 3700+ I had been planning to get and didn't look at the mobo again.
    Ok, for heavy gaming and mild OCing, which MoBO, memo & cpu combo would you pick? The budget is $100-200 for mobo, $75-225 for 2gig ram, $300+/- for cpu

  3. I just set up a fourm alil while ago and i asked what to get 4000 or a 3800x2
    He's what i did with the information on the net and the fourm,
    i end up with a 3700 beacause it has a 1mb cache size and can easily be oc'ed 2.4 with a reagular cooler without a increasen in the heat and the great thing is i paid onky $260 for it as the exsacte same core and cache size as the 4000 with out it's $400 price tag only thing diff is the clock speed, now for the 3800 yes it's a 2.4 but really not worth it it has the same instructions but as for the venice it only has 512mb cache y work backwords (ofcourse buying dual would be going forward) but for now nothing is written in muti-threaded apps or games so it's a huge chuck of money for nothing that u can do with it but place apps over the cpu and if u buy a 3800 x2 it's buying the lowest set of the chips u will be disapoineted i recomend on going for a 3700 san diego and go for any decient video card if ur not interested in graphicly stunning affects and spend some money on a sound audgy2 cuz it takes the sound off the cpu and the sound card does all the work with a 100% diffrence in quality if u really wana go big ge the x-fi audgy it will make things sound HD (it's not a bencmarch shreading cpu) but it just rapes coding and make sure u have a 16mb cache harddrive make ur computer just that much faster hope i helped
  4. and if ur gaming spend lots on a gpu all i really do is game get a 7800 gt or a gtx get nothing less than a sli mobo.... u never know if u wanna go sli once ur in there i just got hole pile of new stuff. Don't skip on the mobo i found out the hardway i have to get new ram or buy a new board cuz it does not support my corsair valus select ram a8n sli asus i would suggest the asus a8n-sli premium and well 3 weeks later after buy a 3700 7800gt evga and a a8n-sli asus mobo and a 2.0 550w antec psu (don't forget power for all u new stuff it;s a 24 pin for 64bit and 6 pin for pciex) you atlest need 450 for 1 7800 gt or gtx and beleive me sit back and enjoy every frame smashing, time killing, dry eye soket lovable graphics that will make u almost give up sex for i suggest what i did of if ur unlimited money bags go get a fx 60 or sumting or other
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