RAM for dual monitor system build

I'm going to build a dual monitor system for financial trading, not gaming.

I will probably use ASUS A8N5X with AMD 64X2 3800 dual core.

PNY Quadro NVS 280 PCIE graphics card which is mostly 2D for financial trading.

What would be good reliable 2gig, fast enough RAM for this? I was thinking OCZ 40020-48EL DCPF-K. About $228 @newegg. Is this overkill?

Any other thoughts, recommendations, opinions, advice on RAM?

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  1. yes it is get yourself some corsair ram!
  2. If uptime is critical to your application, then definitely go with some brand name quality memory. OCZ, Corsair, Kingston, Crucial etc.

    Getting faster memory won't make a difference, just make sure it's at least DDR400 (PC3200).
  3. The Quadro is overkill for 2D work, that's a workstation-class 3D rendering card. Matrox makes the best 2D multi-monitor cards out there. Matrox has a line made for financial markets, they even make cards that drive 4 monitors for places like stock trading floors where space matters. Their multimonitor drivers are also rock solid stable.

    If your needs are only 2 monitors, you can get G400, G450 or G550 AGP cards for really cheap at computer shows and eBay. For PCIexpress you'd have to buy new, although PCI cards would perform just fine as well.

    Get a good quality reliable PSU like Antec, Enermax, or PC Power and Cooling as well.
  4. Thanks for the comments.

    The PNY NVS 280 is about $162 @NewEgg. 64 Ram

    I know Matrox cards are good for 2D, but they seem to be more expensive for the Matrox Mill. P650 PCIe are about $249. 64 Ram

    I don't think I want to buy a used video card.

    There is one other card for 2D financial trading, the ATI FireMV 2200 which is about $152-159. It has 128 ram.

    I'm confused about how the different chipsets, ATI vs Nvdia would work with the ASUS A8N5X mobo which has some Nvdia stuff on it? Would there be a conflict between the ATI card and the mobo?

    Thanks again for your thought and knowledge.
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