Looking for a driver when installing windows

I got a new hard drive finally and when I press install now it looks for some driver. I think its sata controller driver but I'm not sure. My motherboard is a ma785gt_ud3h, any ideas?
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  1. What version of Windows are you trying to install??

    As you need drivers, I'm going to GUESS Win XP. That said what service pack of XP does your XP installation disk include? If it's less then SP2 you WILL need SATA drivers. You'll need to have them on 3.5 inch Floppy disc, yup, don't believe Win XP or XP SP1 will see USB sticks to boot off of either.....

    OR : If you have a second computer: You could find an ISO image of XP SP3 "out on the net". Download it, burn it to disc. Then install Win XP SP3 & use your registration KEY on it. Be sure you get the version of XP that matches your key! XP PRO key only works on XP PRO etc, etc...

    Then you shouldn't need SATA our USB drivers for the install of XP SP3....
  2. I'm tryin to install Windows 7
  3. Okay, that will teach me to GUESS.... :)

    You'll have to tell me what your doing then:
    - Win 7 install, ok
    - trying to install on what new drive? just need the interface type SATA or not?

    Win 7 32 bit or 64 bit version?

    You'll need to post the exact message you get from Win 7 during the install.............................
  4. I'm trying to install 64bit but its asking me for drivers before I get to pick what version I want. Yeah I believe its sata its a sata cable anyway . Drive is a Samsung 1.5tb drive ..

    I go install now then I have a few drivers I got from gigabyte site on a usb stick and I can get them to show up in the list but it won't install them . Il post error message if its important. In BIOS settings I have it set to native IDE, should I try achi or raid?
  5. In the driver options where I have it saved it I have : win7-64bit.. the inside that I got bin64, config, images or packages(which has a plus) so inside packages I got apps and drivers. Inside apps I got some stuff and in drivers I got display or SBdrv and in that I got ACHI or RAID and usb filter and more stuff inside first two
  6. Hmmm, Win7 doesn't need any drivers for USB or SATA drives....

    Do you have just ONE hard drive?
    If you enter the BIOS do you see the 1.5 Tb hard drive listed AND does it show full 1.5Tb size?
    - do have SATA cable Connected to "SATA2_0" or "SATA2_1" (from motherboard listing this is Orange cable)
    - do you have the separate power cable connected to the hard drive

    Native IDE is correct.....
  7. Yes to all above I have it in 0..I blew 3 harddrive by connecting one when pc was on so I only got hard drive yesterday yeh I only got one
  8. Are you installing Win7 64 bit off a "Retail DVD Disc" ???

    You pop it in the DVD into the drive, reboot the machine FROM DVD and it will install automatically.....

    You don't need to look into any of the folders on the DVD..... If you booting off USB Stick, just look for the installer and execute it.
  9. It's asking me for drivers
  10. That is very odd I've never seen Win7 ask for drivers to Begin. I have seen case with Old MB where I had to install the drivers for LAN or Audio, but only AFTER Win 7 was install to get those specific devices running. XP is the one that always needs drivers. We can just follow that example:

    Go to the motherboard manufactures website & download the drivers for your EXACT MB for:

    Motherboard Chip Set Drivers

    Create a folder for each on a USB Stick. Then, when you install Win 7 and it asks for a one of these drivers you can just browse to it and install it.....

    If you can be more specific as to exactly which driver Win 7 is asking for we can sort it out a bit more.....
  11. It's not asking for a specific one so I assumed its looking for sata controller wo it can read hard drives but il try that
  12. Ah, does the install STOP and won't let you proceed ? Try to just SKIP thru when it ASKs for drivers....

    Since you should not need any this will be fine to Skip.....
  13. Nope won't work, gona mess around in BIOS
  14. I got a different copy of Windows 7 ..seems to be installing now
  15. Ah, good let me know if that installs okay.....

    I was really starting to wonder what was up with that install......

    Remember, if AFTER you run the Win 7 install completely if you find some devices still don't work like LAN, you may to install them manually (but this is RARE). Once you have LAN and internet connect Win 7 will automatically find ALL other needed drivers for you....
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