Beware: Freedom Furniture Laptop Table Destroyed Laptop

I recently bought a "Freedom Furniture Laptop Table II Mobile" for my one week old Acer Ferrari laptop.

After checking the screws were tightly in place and re-reading the instruction/warning booklet, I sat down with my laptop and proceeded to to adjust it to a comfortable position.

Little did I expect that one of the adjustment buttons would throw the laptop backwards onto the floor, smashing the screen.

To date their response has been that it was "my mistake" for not watching their in-shop product demonstration (that was never offered to me), and that a little warning sticker underneath the table was "adequate warning" that their table would destroy any laptop on their laptop table.

Given that I read the entire instruction manual specifically looking for warnings, I don't think I was given "adequate warning". The main warning in the instruction booklet is regarding the use of harsh abrasives whilst cleaning it. No mention is made about the product's potential inability to support a laptop.

The adjustment controls on the table are similar to those on most office chairs. Given Freedom's reasoning, every person that does not climb underneath their office chair searching for warning stickers before adjusting it's height or angle should expect that they will be thrown backwards onto the floor. Please keep this in mind if you're considering purchasing anything from Freedom Furniture.

Video Demonstration:

BTW, I've previously had feedback about two issues:
Some people think I should have tested the adjustment before placing the laptop on it: I did. Without a laptop on the table, it appears totally stable during adjustments, luring you into a false sense of security. With a laptop on the table, the centre of gravity shifts and any adjustments will throw the laptop.
Some people think I'm using a right handed table backwards: No, the table is completely symetrical. Regardless of which way the table is facing, the laptop always falls away from the user, leaving you unable to catch it before it hits the floor.
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  1. From a lawyers point of view, it is not unreasonable to expect the warning sticker to be placed on the surface that the laptop would rest on. Secondly, if there is no documentaion on how to use this product properly other then their in-store demonstration, they are at fault. *unless you signed something or they can prove that you went though a product usage training session. However, it only looks like the screen is damaged and it would be more expencive to fight this via court then it would be to have the screen replaced. You should though file a report with the BBB (beter business bureau) @ Either way you go about this, unless you cant convince the company to admit fault and help you out, it will be a long time before anything is resolved.

    And nice laptop btw. I hope it was just the screen that got damaged.

    *this post should not be considered legal advice. You should contact a local lawyer before taking action.
  2. Try to replace the screen.

    And next time you get a table, get the video camera out and post it on youtube for us to enjoy :D
  3. AHEM... OLD news.
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    AHEM... OLD news.

    It's on the front page :wink:
  5. Cause you posted to it..

    either way, still old news.
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    Cause you posted to it..

    either way, still old news.

    I'm pretty sure it was already on the front page before I replied.
  7. Nope. I took a screenshot of you posting before it was on the front page... thus, you are a lier sir.

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    Nope. I took a screenshot of you posting before it was on the front page... thus, you are a lier sir.


    Actually, if you notice the thread creation date (july 31st, 2006) and the date of the first reply (August 02, 2006) both fall onto the first page, according to the dates.

    Therefore, it was on the front page when I replied. :)
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