GeForce 7900 with 13,000 3dmarks?

"The validity of this idle gossip was later confirmed after I pumped a humble partner for a little a bit of meat to go with my beans - the money-shot is that a 700MHz NVIDIA GeForce 7900 is currently coming in at circa 13,000 3DM2K5's on an AMD Athlon 64 FX 60 system."

Recently added to an article on (link here)

Any other news reporting something like this, or is full of @#$% ?
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  1. I guess it's possible, but I doubt it'll score that high.
  2. oh god i feel obsolete alrdy

    anyway with fx-60 i dont doubt the score

    a gtx 512 with fx-60 can score over 11k
    so a 7900 would score 13k+
  3. Just built a comp for a friend with 1 gtx 512 and a 4400 x2 that scored in at 10,024 (3d 05'). So with an FX-60 and a 7900, with clock speeds of 700mhz, i'd wouldn't doubt it. Seems doable.
  4. Kind old news really.

    I wouldn't say 'right on the money' but yeah it's easily 'possible', the question is , what does it do in everything else. The X1900 doesn't do 3Dmk05 that much better than the X1800, but in games like FEAR there's a big boost.

    Personally I'd rather have the game test results or better yet vertex/pixel numbers rather than a final score. Is it with DST enabled or disabled? What quality settings?
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