CPU Heat Sensor Problem

hi i just bought a XG Dragon Case and it comes with a cpu heat sensor but i dont know exactly where to put it can someone help me please???
thx in advance
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  1. Under the heat sink as close to the core as possiable, but do not place on top of cpu. You can slide it under no problem.
  2. I"d just electrical tape it to the fan on the heatsink. Sticking it under the heatsink is too close IMO, but I doubt it would cause any issues.
    Of course, to reiterate, do NOT put it in between the CPU and the heatsink. Only thermal paste should go there.
  3. No its not check out my pic, been running a digital display for 2 years with it near the core, wont harm if the tip is touching a little its on the top than squeezing the heat sink down where the problem is but its your decision I would not dare give someone advice that would kill their cpu. :D
  4. Hehe yeah :)
    I think I would trust the motherboard sensors more, but its always nice to have a backup temperature sensor. But to each their own. I wouldn't do it myself, but that doesn't mean its bad to do it.

    Go forums! hehe
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