Need advice on intel 830 D heat problem!!

Ive just built a system:

p5wd2 motherboard
7800gt graphics card
pentium d 830 cpu
thermaltake tsunami power unit and case
DVD Burner
corsair 1gb dual channel memory

Problem is when I boot up and monitor the cpu temp from the BIOS it is almost maxing out at 67C!!! 69.5 is the Intel limit...but it should be in the 40's at idle right?? Could it have something to do with my PS not supplying enough power (400W) and the system overheating? Does anyone know of the likely problem and the solution?!?!
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  1. Just a guess.
    Check to make sure the hsf is well secured. If you can wiggle it at all, it's too loose. Make sure the retainers are fully engaged, or buy a decent aftermarket unit. The stock ones with Intel chips are not so good.
  2. I have three 830's and two 840's with stock coolers.

    They all run between 42 and 50 loaded/unloaded in an air conditioned office.

    You have a problem with either the seating of the heatsink or case ventilation, or the temp sensor could be off. I have found that most sensors on intel boards are preyy accurate.
  3. Did you use the stock cooler with the stock paste? I know alot of people have had problems getting the 775 coolers to seat right. Also, is your case getting good airflow? That's a key for cooling any type of processor IMO
  4. luminaris....thats a very good point....i reseated the fan cuz it was such a pain in the ass to get all 4 pins to click running at 51C now....much better....i think that may be the best ill get out of this fan...i suspect if i got a better aftermarket i could be in the mid 40's, but this will definately do. I was skeptical about the small amount of paste on there...should i use more and that would make it even better????
  5. I highly recommend an aftermarket cooler for Intel CPUs. I use a Zalman cooler on mine and it idles at 30-32C, caps at 50C under load. Intels are designed to handle the heat but IMO, the cooler, the better. The other thing I would do is remove the stock thermal paste and replace it with Arctic silver 5 or equivalent. That alone should bring the temps down.
  6. intelamduser
    Believe me when I tell u if your having a problem with your stock heatsink it is just better to get a new one. I too have a this chip and believe me it runs very very hot. No matter how many times i reseated and I used artic silver 5 thermal paste :evil: , this sucker still runs very HOT!!! (Mine runs around 50-55C idle never goes over 62C on load)
    My had the same problem and got a better heatsink (zalman CNPS9500) and now his runs at 38C idle (it was 65C) 8O . I know it is a lot of money but so is that processor if it burns up.
    I agree with what the others say and ditch the stock HSF. I getting the 9500 zalman as soon as I can.
  7. "The other thing I would do is remove the stock thermal paste and replace it with Arctic silver 5 or equivalent. "

    Intel uses a good thermal paste; the first P4's were suffering clock throttling a couple years back *unless* the factory supplied paste was used. (They have done their homework..)

    Yes, AS5 is excellent....but Intels paste is far above the junk supplied with a $12 heat sink..)
  8. Yes, you are right however, it has been know that Intel coolers come with either too little or too much paste which causes issues as well. Especially if its too thick, it will not allow the cooler pins to seat good enough on the board.

    That reason alone causes me to ditch the stock paste and go with arctic silver.
  9. legato....seems like our cases are exactly the same. Since everyone is recommended the Zalman, and I intend to do some OC, im going to get one.

    Lumaris....on that do I go about applying the much is too much is too little? Your right about the thermal paste that came with the chip....doesnt cover the entire contact surface between the processor and copper heasink contact.
  10. When I use the AS5, I just put a small bead on the center of the die on the chip. Then I install the HSF on top of it. Installing the HSF spreads the AS5.
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