Page File vs. RAM Usage???

Well, I had some extra money so I bought another 512Mb stick of Corsair C2PT RAM. I have a total of 1.5Gb of RAM, but I am noticing that when I play COD2, my page file usage is at 800Mb+ and I have an extra 500Mb+ of RAM available. Is this normal, or should my page file usage be less and my RAM usage more?

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  1. Alright, I have downloaded Cacheman 5.50. I have enabled as many as the settings (in the wizard) as I felt applied.
    Just curious: Why does Windows say that I am using 421Mb of Page File when Cacheman reports an "Allocation" of 422Mb and a "Usage" of 123Mb?
  2. Thanks wusy for the link. Thinking about it, I probably had a lot of programs open on my last post as now I'm only using about 78Mb now. Sorry for the noob like questions, but my page file is now at 300Mb (Max/min at 150Mb for each HDD) Should I just make the HDD with my OS have a total of 300Mb of page file rather then splitting it between 2 HDD's? And why does Windows still allocate up to 1.2Gb of page file (when I play COD2) even though my page file is at 300Mb?
  3. Ok, thanks
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