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I have an ordinary wireless router linksys wag 54 I believe. The signal however is not strong enough the cover the whole house.

Seems that there are 2 options
- buy a wifi booster (whichseems to cost bandwith)
- replace by wifi units that claim longer reach (not sure if that is a salespitch or really true)

Appreciate some expert help on this
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  1. Thanks for the help. The router I have is a wag54G, it says Wireless G on top of it. I cant reaaly move the acces point much . Its in an upstairs rooom where its hooked to the desktop at the same time. I have equipped a desktop downstairs with a wfi card but it doesnt pick enough signal. Iam happy to buy a new wireless router if switching to another standard helps me get more range.
  2. looked at that and doesnt seem to unscrew (think it will break if I turn it any further)

    Is there a difference in quality for receiving units that could help?
  3. not much I guess, just the kids pc an and a wifi radio
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