Need harddrive help, new Seagate 160 gig 7200.9

Hey all,
I just finished my first new rig, specs are:
Amd fx-57
ASUS A8N SLI x32 deluxe
2x1024 gigs Corsair XMS TwinX
XFX Nvidia 7800GTX 256megs
Seagate 160gig 7200.9rpm
Thermal take 450watt PSU (550 peak)

and after inserting the windows xp disk, my 160 gig shows as 131 gigs. I know that I'll lose probaby about 8%, but losing 30gigs is 20%. Anybody know whats wrong?
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  1. if your windows xp does not service pack 2 built in, but is the original, i believe it limit is 137 gigs. i might be wrong though, not sure what the original limit is.
  2. roncpem is correct. If your OS is XP, this addresses the issue.

    If this doesn't correct the problem, do a search on support for 160GB hard drive. I think there are work arounds if your running something other than XP, e.g., Windows 2000 or Windwos 98. They make cards you can install and connect your hard drive to that also over comes this problem. Bought 160GB hard drive a number of years ago that came with one of these cards and it worked fine. Now all my larger drives that I use for storage are SATA and as far as I know this is not a problem if your for SATA.
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