Ok I have built my new system but i didnt have the correct windows boot disk so i had to install on old comp. Now that i have put my hdd back into my new build, i am getting the error msg saying how to startup windows.

'Safe Mode'
'Safe Mode with networking'
'Last known good configuration'
'Start windows normaly'

If i click any 1 of these my computer restarts itself and goes back to that menu... what the hell can i do? =<

This is my 1st build and im 15... i have tried the internet with no luck.. hope u guys can help =<

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  1. Let me see if I can understand what's happening here. First of all, you didn't have the windows operating system disks to load so you used a disk from another build? If this is the case, it probably won't work.

    There are cases where you can use another disk or even use the same HDD when changing hardware in a machine and it will work. Most cases however, you cannot simply swap HDDs or use the same HDD with different hardware without reloading the operating system.

    I don't know, maybe I read it wrong. Doesn't help i'm hungover this morning either.
  2. What do you mean by 'correct' Windows boot disk? Do you have XP? The CD should be bootable or you can download the floppy disks from or Microsoft.

    You definitely can't take a hard drive from you other machine if it doesn't at least have the same chipset.
  3. Some OEM versions of Windows will only install on PC's made by the same manufacturer: the installer scans the hardware and shut's down if it's an unknown machine. Are you perhaps trying something like this? What exactly is wrong with your "boot disk"? Why does it work in your old machine and not the other?

  4. if you have a cd burner just have it make a backup copy, the swapping harddrive bit deffinentally wont work.
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