Recommendation for Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

I'm looking for a product recommendation for a network attached storage. I initially thought the Maxtor Share Storage to be perfect for me but after reading the review (not too favourable reviews for Maxtor) I realized that i could not back up this device. I am after a network storage device that has:
- both USB and RJ-45 ports,
- a simple click and drag system to transfer files (or straight off Win XP Windows explorer)
- functionality to have the drive backed up (confession - I am using a Maxtor one touch drive as my backup device)

Actually I'm looking for a Maxtor Share Storage with a backup capability...

I am storing a bunch of digital media (storage and for editing) and files for my small business that i need to share with the office.

Can anyone give me a good recommendation that won't cost me a lot?
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  1. Your solution is right here ...
    You put any hard drive inside the box for your NAS and it has room for two more USB external hard drives or flash drives and it comes wiht a built in wireless. There is bang for your buck my friend.
  2. I personally have the buffalo link station in 160gb form and it works great...even has 2 usb ports one you can hook up a hd to the other is for printserver.
  3. Depending on what you want the NAS to do, you could always make your own.

    Again what do you want to spend and interface do you want for the drives?
  4. Got an old computer laying around???

    With a little work and some SATA PCI cards to increase the number of drives you could build one that will hold a lot more for not much more money than one you would buy.
  5. I am also looking for a NAS unit recently. Here are my two options at the moment. Thecus N4100 and Buffalo Terastation Pro.

    I think for office use where backup is more important, Thecus might be more suitable with Hot swapable HDD. They don't ship with HDD included though.
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