dont know what to choose ...

i guys ... alright im having a hard time figuring what i wanna get ... I am a gamer ( counter-strike , call of duty 2 , doom3 , quake4 , age of empire3 , etc, ) i want a good computer that wont lag ... so im wondering between some stuff

MotherBoard ....

-Msi K8N Diamond ....
-Asus A8n32-Sli Deluxe ....


-Amd64 4000+ ( socket 939 )
-Amd64 X2 3800+ ( socket 939 )


-PNY 7800GTX OC 256
-MSI NX7800GTX 256


-X-fi Fatal1ty FPS
-X-fi Xtreme music

as you can see ... i really dont know what i should go with ... so please help me out on this ...
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  1. i would go with the asus deluxe, the amd64 x2 3800+, the cheaper of the 2 video cards but i would recommend a x1900xt as they are only a bit more explensive and could outperform 2 of those cards in SLI. Id go with the cheaper sound card as well.
  2. a8n32,x2 3800,msi(pny tech support is so bad),and xfi extreme music
  3. Were I building a new gaming system today, I'd try to skip the sound card altogether initially, and devote that money towards an X1900XT over a a single GTX256...

    (The Asus SLI boards are indeed nice/top of the line, but there are non-SLI boards available for less than $100, much less the typical $200 that Asus wants for their premium SLI board...; and a single 1900XT routinely knocks on the proverbial performance door of a system running a pair of GTX256 cards in SLI)

    YOu can always add an X-Fi Music later for $120, if you decide you need a soundcard at all...
  4. I have the xf-i sound card and they sound really good. The fatal1ty is better but not by much, your just paying more money for the name.

    And for the cpu get the dual core. :)
  5. btu if i get the X1900XT i cant put them in sli ... but is it the 512 model ?
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