Can this MB be overclocked?

I have a Dell Dimension XPS t600r. I got the most recent Bios upgrade from dell but there are no options for overclocking. Is there any way this MB can be overclocked?

Slot1 P3 600
640mb ram
intel se440bx Dell proprietary MB
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    I would recommend an upgrade like this ^

    or this

    for only about $350.

    You could OC your system but I do not believe it is worth all the trouble. You would probably have to solder your SLOT1 connector and possibly add a new HSF.
  2. I apreciate the suggestions but im in the process of building a dual opteron setup this is just for fun & experience. What is an HSF?
  3. In that case you need my Dual Opteron rig :D

    HSF = Heat Sink + Fan
  4. So ne ideas on how I go about overclockin the Dell?
  5. thanx actually I had an Opty 142 w/2gb matching memory generously donated by my uncle. Can a faster opteron be paired w/it in the dual setup, and if it can wld the faster one only run at the same speed as the 142?
  6. You should use identical CPUs in a dual config.

    You "might" be able to get it to work otherwise but you will most likely have strange problems.

    But wait a minute. The 142 is a socket 939 and is not dual CPU capable.

    CORRECTION: The 142 is Socket 940 but is still not dual CPU capable.

    To go dual CPU you need one or two 2xx Model Socket 940 Opterons and a Dual Socket 940 motherboard.

    You would also need 184pin REG ECC DDR SDRAM.

    There are Dual Core Socket 939 Model 1xx opterons too but you will need a Dual Core capable motherboard to use them.

    The Venus core is a single core and the Denmark core is a Dual core, both are 939.
  7. Actually the 142 is socket 940, not 939, but Im more interested in how I go about stressin out this Dell. Can ya give me any advice on how to do it?
  8. My bad the 142 IS 940 the rest are 939.

    It's been years so pardon my memory.... if it's flaky...

    IIRC The P3 multiplier is locked and the only way to overclock is by cranking up the FSB.

    The 440BX normally can only handle 100MHz FSB so that might be hard.

    If your motherboard allows you to, you might be able to tweak the FSB a little.

    Since it is a Dell motherboard I doubt it has OC capabilities.

    If you had an Abit or other OC friendly motherboard then maybe....

    I used to OC Celerons from 66MHz FSB to 100MHz FSB on Abit BH-6 Slot1 motherboards with i440BX chipsets.

    "I think" you have to solder the Slot1 to bypass the clock multiplier lock if you can't change the FSB frequency.

    Good Luck :D

    PS You might be able to get a significantly faster Slot1 CPU online maybe @, ebay or elsewhere if your board supports more than 600MHz. I believe with a BIOS upgrade the 440BX can probably handle up to a 1GHz P3 Coppermine with 100MHz FSB if you can find one that is.
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