Kenwood 72X For Sale

Anybody interested in the following items?
1) Kenwood 72x, just over a year old, not used hard, works perfectly(just Bare drive)
2) Amd Duron 800mhz(Retail Box)w/ Gigabyte Ga71XE4 mobo. Processor never overclocked, stable board. Includes heatsink fan from AMD. Have original boxes and manuals,cd, for both.
3) Buslink External Usb Hdd 20g, original box and manual

Need pictures? Just email me and i'll send them out...
Money order accepted as payment, will ship priority mail to good 'ol USA. Thanks for looking at post. JW
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  1. how much for teh 72x, and y r u selling it?

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  2. $60 + 1/2 of shipping ($5)= $65. Just bought a new Dvd/ram drive, trying to recoop some $$$$$$$$.
  3. Want to brief me on PayPal ?

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  4. how much for the mobo and duron

    If you ever stop learning, YOU'ER DEAD!!
  5. Forget "paypal", i've been told. :-)

    Nostradamus: "In the year 2002 naked alien women will descend to earth"
  6. $95 including shipping, need to see any feedback on what i sell, ck. out ebay username jktzweiss.Will accept money order as payment. Thanks for viewing post. JW
  7. Sorry paypal to much of a hassle, check out ebay username jktzweiss.I'm not out to rip anybody off, just sell my excess components. Thanks JW.
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