Asus A8N32-Sli Delux heat problem ( 40 ~ 50C)

I built my new PC 2 weeks ago.... havn't been using it much until this weekend....

I just noticed my motherboard temperature is quite high according to my motherboard program

the normal temp is 40 ~ 41 C
during gaming is 48 ~ 50 C

this motherboard is a new design with those strange pipes. I can feel that is where the heat coming from..... is this normal???? I am really worry about this .... can anyone help????

can this be the problem of my case??? because when i opened the case right after gaming.... the temp droped back to normal (40C)

my spec
Antec P180 case
Corsair 2GB XMS3200 (2*1GB)
Asus A8N32-Sli Delux nForce 4 SLi X16
AMD 64 3700+ (socket 939)
Maxtor MaxLine 250GB
XFX GeForce 6800 GS Extreme XXX Edition
Hiper Type R 580W PSU

P.S. everything in this C was set to default, no overclocking
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  1. i built mine a few weeks ago and my temps look the same. i am waiting on the chipset fan seeing as how my box had no fan in it.
  2. You can go to, look up this mobo, and look for swifty morgans update to heat problem.

    I'm swifty, I own this mobo and have had extreme heat issues with it. The first problem was the case I chose, very little cooling capability. Not enough fans, not enough holes in the sides for air flow....

    Second thing was the video cards, like yours, an nvidia, which spewed heat off the cards into the case instead of out side it via video card rear exaust ports like ati cards.
    The extra current draw from 2 cards created a lot of heat.

    I changed cases. added a 120mm, slow turning fan to the rear of the case, I did have an 80mm turning at high rate. put an arctic cooling freezer pro 64 on the chip, and also case has an exaust fan on the top and one in the side.

    After doing this the board runs much cooler....42c under load ( gaming for hours FEAR/COD2 ), . I might also add, that it took what seems like an incredibly long time for the board to "break in". After that wait, you'll not have any problems. Don't worry. My machine runs great, yours will too.

    You said heat was 50c....mine was hotter........forcing me to make the changes I did.

    FORGOT to tell you...that little fan that asus says is for water cooling setup, use it, it'll help cool that chip down also.
  3. i didn't get the fan either and from what i have heard not many people did get it.
  4. There is absolutly nothing wrong with those temp..

    Before going and spending $$ on after market cooler, just get a cheap thermometer with Celsius, take it in the kitchen sink, turn on hot water, and with cold water, adjust it to 50C.

    Then put your hand in the water flow.. No, you wont melt.. 50 is still well tolerable, dishes are hand washed at more than that...

    So, just live with it.

    BTW, normal body temp is 37C. fever over 40C happen.. and while people are sick, they don't melt..
  5. i had a fever this morning, i melted into a galationous blob, thanks....

    oh BTW the board crashes when it gets too hot.
  6. Quote:
    i had a fever this morning, i melted into a galationous blob, thanks....

    oh BTW the board crashes when it gets too hot.

    Ahhh. if there is crashes, then this is a different story. But those temps should not crash any computer thou..
  7. i cant clock over 2.82 without crashes because the temp goes to 60C
  8. thank you very much for your reply

    I have noticed from several sites commoned on my MB temp is pretty normal.... and I also rang overclockers (UK) up ... they replied my temp is 'freezing cold'

    anyway..... I really would like to low the temp down just for comfort ~~~

    Can you guys advice me what should I do.... I have uploaded some pics of my PC (below).

    The case is divided into 2 main sections,t he case came with three 120 mm fans (one nears PSU and two near the CPU).

    I have just ordered a front antec 120 mm fan to improve the air flow....

    I hope this would help....



    should I get a new graphic heat sink???? I hear that would help.... but I dont think my graphic card is generating that much heat~~~

    e.g. Arctic Cooling nVidia 5 (6800 Series) VGA Silencer

    or my case (antec P180) came with a specail graphic card cooling unit which allows me to install a fan (which I need to buy) sitting on top of the graphic card and sucks air out of the case.... should I install that????
  9. Hate to say it, but this case looks like the first one I tried to put this setup in......not enough air able to move through it. Didn't see the side panel, but besides having fans in it, you gotta have a lot of tiny holes in the side covers to allow the fans to pull air through. Looks like a good case for a p4. Keep the side off and let a small fan blow on the innards to see what happens. If you can spring for a new case, try and get a case with a fan in the top.
  10. I have ordered this case for my A8N32 board. The design with two 120mm rear fans and one 120mm fan up front can push a lot of air through this case. The grilled side panel can also add an additional fan or two if needed. The pre-made holes with rubber surround for an external water cooling loop are just a bonus.


  11. The case you have is one of the best case on the market...

    It has one of the best air cooling solutions available...

    First off dont take the side panel off the case it dirupts air flow, second i would recomend putting i 120mm fan in the front so that it sucks air in from the front. The fan monted on the top and bag are extracting air from the case buy adding a fan to the front will increase the air flow 2 fold

    and try and get yourself the optinal chipset fan

    I have exactly the same set up as you except that my mobo came with the optional chipset and fan. And i am using a ASUS N7800GT extreme which produes more heat than you 6800

    I put a 120mm fan on the front and it made a difference

    AMD X2 3800+
    ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe
    256 x 4 ddr 400
    ASUS N7800GT extreme
    X-Fi Platinium
    Antec P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower
    Antec 500W smart power 2
  12. First off, Jayman, when I said take the side off and put a small house fan there, I meant it to see if the good air-flo from the fan would have an effect on the temps. Did it with mine and found it helped alot, making me reallize I needed to replace my case because it was inadequate.

    Secondly.......nice case dude.............
  13. First of all the Chipset fan is not to be used unless you are using a Liquid cooling system. Read the manual and if you do not read that then read the manual online. then your case Airflow needs to be designed. Mine is 2 each 80mm sucking in Air at the front bottom Flowing over 4 WD 2500KS hard drives.the bottom has a dual fan cooler.

    I'm running a AMD 64x2 Dual Core 4800 with Corsair 3500LL Pro Ram 1x2 Gig. the flow in my case is front to rear. The Ace 580 watt power supply has two fans blowing Air out the rear I have one 120 mm fan blowing out the rear. My Aspire X-Discovery case also has a inlet fan on the (facing front view) left Clear pannel directing air into the case.

    So what I have is a Flow thru of Air thru the case in concert with the Power supply and 7800GTX removing hot air out the back. Things you need to look at is
    A. Room temperture.
    B. Location of Case When you look at the temp of the MB as compared to room them then Subtact the differance and you may find out the differance is not that great.

    The Chipset fan is not used in my system because. Asus says that it will interfer with Airflow thru the case, the flow removes the heat thru transfer. Right now my room temp is 80 degrees. and the case is reading about 90 degrees at the Cpu cooling fins. Also is your system near an A/V vent? Or is the location of Dead airspace in your room? Moving air removes heat. and all the air inside and outside your case has to be addressed not just the inside.
  14. its true they dont recomend it for heatsink cooled CPU's but mine is watercooled, so i need it, and still havent gotten it...
  15. hey.. i experienced the same prob here.. the difference is that my CPU temp sticks at 46 no matter idle or load... i've heard some ppl said that on other modo the cpu should be able to go as low as 20-30 with stock cooling... any clues...? btw... my rig setu up is as follows:

    X2 4200+
    A8N32-SLI Deluxe
    XFX7800 GTX
    Corsair TwinX 3200XLPT
    Silverstone Zeus 520
    Audigy 2

    its in Cooler Master Centurion 5 with one SilenX 80mm in the front (intake) and one SilenX 120mm at the back (exhaust). i didnt put any AI overclocking or whatsoever and set all to standard. tried changing my stock cooler with Opeteron's stock cooler (the one with heatpipes) and AS5 but still no change. ambient room temperature ard 25 Celcius.
  16. check your backround programs and see if you pc is being used.

    also check your case temp, that might be high as well.
  17. Quote:
    check your backround programs and see if you pc is being used.

    also check your case temp, that might be high as well.

    nah... cpu usage is ard 2-3 percent only... no programs at the backgorund... i left open my case like all the time... so thought it should be ard the same with my room temp... could it be the sensor is way off...? or maybe i didnt put the cooler and AS5 properly...? but ive tried so many times replacing it... :?
  18. hi. I'm also having issues with this board...

    3800+ x2 @ stock
    liberty 620W
    1 7800gt
    audigy2 zs
    1 sata hdd
    Cooler Master Centurion 5 case

    ...My cpu temps are about 48-52 and mb temps about 42-45 at idle-medium load. I'm not so worried about the cpu- gonna put a TT big typhoon with AS5(btw hisoka i read that you're supposed to give the AS5 about a week to break in before you see dramatic results) and will hopefully take it down 10 degrees but the mb temps are pretty ****ed up, im not used to a mb running this hot...

    so i called ASUS- one guy told me the idle temps for the board should be under 40 and another dude said i shouldn't be concerned before it hits 70!!!! 8O :twisted:

    I have no idea how to cool this board- i'm hitting 45 right now- what's gonna happen when I actually start using it?

    The centurion 5 blows from front(80mm) and out the back(120mm) but has no other fans or exhausts(it has a sealed side window). Is there anything i can do with this case or do i need a different one?

    Any ideas?

    btw, my 500mm room fan does bring it down to about 38 degrees but it's quite loud and i think i saw a few capacitors fly off the board! :D
  19. tried leaving the side panel open....? for me it is no use tho... the temp stays the same with when it's closed... could be that our case sux... hahaha, but could also be that the sensor is faulty... i still haven't figure it out man...
  20. ok...I've had the the thermaltake big typhoon with arctic silver 5 in for a couple days and my idle temps are down to 34C - both cpu and mb. However, my window is open and my room is pretty cold so that may be a few degrees below usual temps, but it's definitely better than before.
    ...Yay, finally on to overclocking annoyances and instability issues. :)
  21. actually hold on... scratch that... they're back to about 43C idle- with the case open... with the case closed my house becomes one big asus alarm party
  22. You can change the HTT multiplier to 3x from 5x, without a performance hit; that has lowered some people's temperatures. I think the HTT multiplier is represented by FID/VID Change in your bios. Which allows you to choose somewhere between 1200-2000. You need to choose 1200 or 1600 (assuming 1200 = 3x, 1600 = 4x, 2000 = 5x, where x is the fsb*2)...

    Other then that...i'd look for a way to get more airflow, either through the case, or the hot air away from the gpu (however the gs isn't nearly as hot as the older gt's).
  23. PC Home build
    Asus A8N 32 sli deluxe
    Bios AMI 64-1009-009999
    Chipset nF4-sli x16
    AMD 3.5+ (2.20ghz)
    Corsair twinx 1024-3200 DDR400mhz SDRAM 2x512mb
    MSI 6600gt 128 PCI-E
    Maxtor sata 160mb
    PSU 400w
    XP sp2

    If these are of any help, the CPU temp is are around 40 - 44c in Speedfan in fs9, static as I write this ( & not overclocked, at 2.2ghz) AsusPrope shows 36 & 37c.

    My case / PSU are cheap, have no case fans & keep one side panel open.

    I managed to o/clk my AMD 3500 to 2.55ghs, but do not know how to go any further. If you can give me any clues, anybody with same mobo, will be appreciated. Not e temps under test at 2.55ghz.

    All Free tools I use are, "Speedfan", "CPU-Z", "Clokgen" (only just to learn how things interact, it does not change the bios), "AsusProbe",
    "StressPrime2004", & "S.Sandra".

    The are the actual settings I entered in the bios.

    This are the results from testing with "StressPrime2004" at 2.55ghz

    These are the actual settings in my Ami 1009 Bios.
    Had to write them all down as the manual that came with the mobo and the one I downloaded from Asus has no resemblance with mine.
  24. Hmm...The first problem i have, is that your HTT isn't i know it.

    HTT is defined as a number multiplied against the fsb. That number is 3x, 4x, or 5x. That's one of the things you have to keep track of, when increasing the overclock on the cpu. Because that 3x, 4x or 5x is multiplied against the fsb with a max frequency of 1000. So 5x200=1000. 200 being the stock frequency. 4x250=1000. 3x333=999.99*.

    So, since i don't see an option to change the multiplier on the HTT, that means it must be set to auto based on how far you've pushed the fsb. Which could mean that the auto isn't setting the HTT to 3x, which would be why you can't push the fsb past 255 (4x255=1020...20 over max)...

    Let me ask you a couple of questions then...

    under "CPU FSB Frequency (or HTT)"
    -Does that really just say "CPU FSB Frequency"?

    -Under the frequency range of "CPU FSB Frequency (or HTT)", does it allow you to pick the frequency in increments of 1, or is it exactly as you have shown it? As you've shown: 200, 220, 240, 260...
  25. Having clicked on fotos to enlarge, the things you asked for are clearly shown.

    Names of things are ever changing to others, becoming so confusing.
    In the last foto listed with their new names are all the bios settings on this mobo.

    Uness you have this mobo to study it's bios on the screen it must be impossible to understand. All parameters changed name & meaning from the conventional.

    In this bios we have instead, "K8 to NB" or "Processor Frequency Multiplier" & look at first foto, is set 4x.

    And the "CPU FSB Frequency or HTT" has shown settings 200 up to 300.

    a) 255 x 4 = 1020 (4 is K8 to NB above)
    b) 255 x 10 = 2550mhz or 2.55ghz ( 10 is the Vcore Multiplier)
    c) 133 is the "Ram Divider" or "Memclock" giving during post CPU speed as "2.55ghz / 266 Dram Clock"
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