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I have just built a new computer yesterday, and everything was going ok. I had it on for a few hours and then turned it off. I came back to it today and turned it on, and after it got to the desktop it locked, and i had to do a hard reset, i couldn't get it to task manage or anything.

I'm a bit worried, there wasn't anything in the logs, so i don't know what to think.

My system is

AMD X2 4200
1024 mb Corsair ram
Epox N force 4 mobo
2 x raptor
350w seasonic powersupply

Im wondering if i have loaded the powersupply a bit too much, as i have used up all the molex connectors on the case fans. (4).

I would like a second opinion, if anyone has got any advice. Thank you.
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  1. Well, the PSU you have I don't know that much about. What I do know is, 350 watts is really pushing the envelope. I would'nt be surprised if the PSU is locking up on you OR what it could be is something in the machine is not getting enough juice. That's really cutting it close man. Me personally, I would never go below 450-480 watts and that's only with a quality PSU. That's only my opinion though.
  2. I agree. It really sounds like an electricity issue. I'd suggest you get a new one from a reputable manufacturer like Antec or Enermax.
  3. You need a new PSU. 350 is too little. I would go for a minimum 450. I am getting a 550 Antec

    AMD 3200
    Epox EP-9NPA+SLI
    6800 GS
    160gb WD SATA II
    1gb XMS memory

    the only reason i got such a high PSU is for upgradablility.
  4. yeah the PSu is the problem I have the same problem each time I use more than 4 rives, because after windows starts i can hear how the engine of the hard drives are tryng to stop and start again.
    I tried it also with a bigger PSu and there was nothing wrong. i should say as the people in front of me said a PSu around 500 WATS
  5. Seasonic is a great brand but I don't know if 350W will cut it. If the problem continues you could also try one stick of RAM at a time. Unplug some fans and the CD/DVD drives as well and see if the problem still happens just using the bare minimum to get the computer up.
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