After 2 years i can finaly affort a new system

Im getting tired af my old system a

2600+ athlon xp with 1GB ram and a radeon 9800 pro 128MBram

So im planning to change it all, and ive chosen thies components

Motherboard : Asus A8N32-SLI/Deluxe, nForce4 SLI, S939
CPU : AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+, S939,
RAM : Corsair TWINX2048-3200PT, 2x1024MB
Graphics1 : Sapphire X1900XT, VIVO, 512MB, PCI-E
Graphics2 : 2x Asus EN7800GTX/2DHTV/256M, 7800GTX 256MB

what i want to know is,

1. is this a good combination, are the components good.
2. which one of the graphics should i choose
3. will i get any problems running a ATI card on a SLI system ( the SLI not enablet ofc ).
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  1. Those are pretty good choices there. What I would do is get a non SLI board and go for the single card solution. I'm sure others will disagree but, I choose the non SLI because i've talked to so many people about SLI boards and have experienced them for myself. They really don't give that much more in the way of performance gains IMO.

    That's one argument that is much like the Intel vs. AMD.
  2. your cpu will be very bottlenecking you graphics cards, id wait for the 7900 its supposed to murder everything out, i dont know when it is comeing out though. you might want to build a little later when the new AM2 socket comes out just to be future proof, plus all older procs will drop in price.
  3. You might be right thoe the reson ive chosen this motherboard is becurse ive heard so many good things about it, allso i like the heatpipe solotion for the northbridge processor.

    But there shouldnt be any problem for this motherboard to run an ATI card ?
  4. Can you please explain how my CPU gonna be a bottleneck for my graphics and the 7900 you mentioned, i take it its a new card from nvidia ?, allso could you explain or give me a link to that new AM2 socket please

    Neverminde about the link, found the info my self.
  5. Yes, that board will run the single card solution with no problems. I personally like the heatpipes too.
  6. yeah thats the same mobo i was gonna get. about the bottlenecking im not very savvy with the technical aspects on how it works, but when you have so little cpu power and have 2 high performance gpus working they can only work so fast until your slow cpu caps them off thus creating bottleneck. got it?
  7. Nice selection. The motherboard is good if your going for an SLI solution. But I've experianced SLI myself, and the COST Vs. PERFORMANCE just doesn't add up.
    I dissagree with TenaciousleyDead, waiting for a new graphics card is just pointless. They are coming out at such a fast rate you, you will be forever waiting for the next one, just go out and do it! Enjoy it while you can.

    I would advise going for the ATI card, but choose a single slot solution for your motherboard. Yes the SLI will get higher FPS in some games, but after a point you wont be able to notice the extra frames.

    Use the money saved with your 1 vid card, and non SLI Motherboard. And get a faster CPU.

  8. exactly because theyre comeing out so fast price cuts are being made and you could save a severe amount of money and i never said he had to wait i dont even know when they come out its just a suggestion because im such a cheapass id probably wait 3 years for prices to come down :D
  9. Heheh .. well i get your point :lol:
  10. Im not planning to go for the SLI config, but i guess to have the option is always good. Anyhow the reason why i chose this board ( a better explenation than the one ive allready given) is that, ived always use Asus and never had any problems with it.
    Allso i bought the first version of this board to my brother last year, and it have worked without any problems what so ever, so its not becurse it have SLI capability, it just the "best" board i could finde and i like the heatpipe cooling system on it.
    In regard to the CPU im choosing, i will allways have the option to buy a bigger one when they get cheeper .

    but if i should choose another board, ie if i should go for the none-SLI setup, what whould you suggest i take ?
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