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Hi there,

Ive recently put together a new pc and started having this issue two days ago.
It seems when im running firefox certain things trigger a bluescreen, (one i can remember was using google images - this gave me BSOD twice and then was fine). However it doesnt seem to happen all the time, its kind of erratic :/

My last dump report is as follows:

26/03/2011 8:49:28 p.m.

I reformatted about 3 weeks ago, (win 7 ultimate 64bit) so its fairly fresh install. The only notable change i can think of is that ive moved the computer and instead of using cable to the router, im using a wireless usb adapter (TP-LINK TL-WN422G 54mbps).

Any ideas? This is really starting to frustrate me.

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  1. Maybe buggy device driver. Did you install the driver for the wireless adapter?
  2. Yea the thing had a little install disk, but i had to install the vista driver by pointing to the disk manually. I looked for an updated driver on the net but there wasnt one beyond vista. Recon that could really be the cause ?
    For some reason now im actually using the internet while theres a little red cross through the network conectivity icon in the tray 0.0 - which is really wierd.
  3. I would try uninstalling the driver and then go to windows update and see if windows can find a driver online for the device. But to test that out you would need internet connectivity =). Unless the device works right off the bat.
  4. Interesting thing just happened. I plugged in an ethernet cable, then went to unplug the wireless adapter - and the second i removed it i got a BSOD -

    Also, now im connected with a cable it still hasnt changed the icon -

    This is confusing.

    I actually tried to let windows find the driver itself but it didnt find anything.
  5. I just got a BAD_POOL_HEADER error in that last one, this page seems to suggest that maybe it is drivers.
    I wasnt sure how that could be but maybe it is.
    Ive ordered a wireless adapter card anyway - but that still doesnt explain why the status icon is wrong :S
  6. Weird my friend. Other thing it mentioned and another site was anti-virus software. What kind of AV software are you using?
  7. Using Avast, which ive never had a problem with
    I seem to have it down to the dongle however, ive been using cable all day without a problem, and fixed the icon problem - there were a couple of conflicting connections for some reason, and one of them seemed to be the 'deciscion maker' as to whether the icon was correct or not.

    Weird issue really, just wait for my wireless card i guess.

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