buying a brand new monitor, which one?

Im in search of a new monitor. Has to be fast and for gaming/video etc. Anywhere in the price range of a $1000 Canadian. So around 750-1000 US. Want a damn nice one, above 19 inches and open for any suggestions.


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  1. I bought this one- Sensational- No software or manual you can download manual at Compaq web site ( P1220)

    Bob f
  2. forgot to mention that i only need lcd, im not a big fan of the whole crt hugeness
  3. Doesn't get any better than this bad dog:

    Dell 2005FPW

    Well, except for this one:

    Dell 2405FPW

    Just make sure you have the graphics hardware to run it! SLI or X1900XT would be perfect.
  4. how about the new acer ferrari 20"?
  5. Quote:
    how about the new acer ferrari 20"?

    Haven't read anything about it but here's a review:

    Bit Tech

    Here's a good quote from the article, "Ultimately, if you don't care about looks or the TV functionality and you're just after a 20-inch widescreen monitor for your PC, then you can just get the Dell and be happy."
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