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I'd like to upgrade soon,and I wondered if the case I have my 4600 in is any good for the new Asus mobos,and the other hardware as well.It's a mini-tower BTW.
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  1. I don't think standard ATX mobo's will fit most dell cases. I think their case/mobo's are proprietary. But I hope someone else with concrete info will weigh in.
  2. Thanks!
  3. I have both a Dell 4700c and a 8400. The 4700 case has a ton of room yon the inside. The MB in there does not take up half the thing. I think you could put another type of MB in there. The 8400 I am not sure about. The case is freaking huge but it hinges open and is wierd inside. Depending on the layout of your case try matching it up with a picture of the MB you want. Open your case and draw out a picture of where the screws go and stuff. Take that drawing when you check out new MB or if you are shopping online just try to match them up. You should have a picture of what your buying. Hope that helps. I have thought of doing this as well with my 8400 but i do not think that new gigabyte turbo MB will fit :(
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